crime: Crime data

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Data collected by FBI's Uniform Crime on the violent and property crimes of 236 cities.




A list of 3 objects: Y, department and state. Y represents the crime rate data array from 236 cities. Department is the police department names and state represents the states where each city is located at. Y is of dimensionality 10 x 13 x 236 with 236 crime rates on the following 10 variables from year 2000 through 2012.


Population of each city;

Violent Crime rate

Total number of violent crimes;

Murder and non-negligent manslaughter rate

Number of murders;

Forcible rape rate

Number of rape crimes;

Robbery rate

Number of robberies;

Aggravated assault rate

Number of assaults;

Property crime rate

Total number of property crimes;

Burglary rate

Number of burglary crimes;

Larceny-theft rate

Number of theft crimes;

Motor vehicle theft rate

Number of vehicle theft crimes;


The data have been made publicly available by FBI's Uniform Crime Reports.



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