Man pages for MatchIt
Nonparametric Preprocessing for Parametric Causal Inference

add_s.weightsAdd sampling weights to a 'matchit' object
distancePropensity scores and other distance measures
lalondeData from National Supported Work Demonstration and PSID, as...
match.dataConstruct a matched dataset from a 'matchit' object
matchitMatching for Causal Inference
method_cardinalityCardinality Matching
method_cemCoarsened Exact Matching
method_exactExact Matching
method_fullOptimal Full Matching
method_geneticGenetic Matching
method_nearestNearest Neighbor Matching
method_optimalOptimal Pair Matching
plot.matchitGenerate Balance Plots after Matching and Subclassification
plot.summary.matchitGenerate a Love Plot of Standardized Mean Differences
rbind.matchdataAppend matched datasets together
summary.matchitView a balance summary of a 'matchit' object
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