Man pages for MatrixExtra
Extra Methods for Sparse Matrices

assignmentAssignment operator for CSR matrices
cbind2-methodConcatenate sparse matrices by columns
check_sparse_matrixCheck if the underlying data behind a sparse matrix...
conversionsConversions between matrix types
csr-linalgLinear Algebra functions for CSR matrices
deepcopy_sparse_objectDeep copy sparse matrices and vectors
emptySparseCreate Empty Sparse Matrix
filterSparseFilter values of a sparse matrix or vector
mapSparseMap values of a sparse matrix/vector
mathematical-functionsMathematical functions for CSR and COO matrices
matmultMultithreaded Sparse-Dense Matrix and Vector Multiplications
MatrixExtraMatrixExtra package
MatrixExtra-optionsMatrixExtra internal options
operatorsMathematical operators on sparse matrices and sparse vectors
rbind2-methodConcatenate sparse matrices/vectors by rows
rbind_csrConcatenate inputs by rows into a CSR matrix
remove_sparse_zerosRemove Zeros from a Sparse Matrix or Sparse Vector
showQuick Glance at Sparse Objects
sliceSparse Matrices Slicing
sort_sparse_indicesSort the indices of a sparse matrix or sparse vector
t_shallowTranspose a sparse matrix by changing its format
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