Man pages for MazamaCoreUtils
Utility Functions for Production R Code

APIKeysAPI keys for data services.
createLocationIDCreate one or more unique locationIDs
createLocationMaskCreate a mask of valid locations
dateRangeCreate a POSIXct date range
dateSequenceCreate a POSIXct date sequence
flog.appenderManage appenders for loggers
flog.layoutManage logger layouts
flog.loggerManage loggers
getAPIKeyGet API key
html_getLinksFind all links in an html page
html_getTablesFind all tables in an html page
initializeLoggingInitialize standard log files
lintFunctionArgsLint a source file's function arguments
loadDataFileLoad data from URL or local file
logger.debugPython-style logging statements
logger.errorPython-style logging statements
logger.fatalPython-style logging statements
logger.infoPython-style logging statements
logger.isInitializedCheck for initialization of loggers
logger.setLevelSet console log level
logger.setupSet up python-style logging
logger.tracePython-style logging statements
logger.warnPython-style logging statements
logLevelsLog levels
manageCacheManage the size of a cache
MazamaCoreUtilsUtility Functions for Production R Code
packageCheckRun package checks
parseDatetimeParse datetime strings
pipePipe operator
setAPIKeySet APIKey
setIfNullSet a variable to a default value if it is NULL
showAPIKeysShow API keys
stopIfNullStop if an object is NULL
stopOnErrorError message generator
tidyeval-dataData pronoun for tidy evaluation
timeRangeCreate a POSIXct time range
timeStampCharacter representation of a POSIXct
timezoneLintRulesRules for timezone linting.
validateLonLatValidate longitude and latitude values
validateLonsLatsValidate longitude and latitude vectors
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