cycVignettesAMP: cycVignettesAMP

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This data set lists meta2d's analysis results of three circadian transcripts selected from the same source dataset used by cycMouseLiverRNA.




A dataframe containing 71 columns described as below:

[,1] CycID character transcript name
[,2] ARS_pvalue numeric pvalue from ARS
[,3] ARS_BH.Q numeric FDR from ARS
[,4] ARS_period numeric period from ARS
[,5] ARS_adjphase numeric adjusted phase from ARS
[,6] ARS_amplitude numeric amplitude from ARS
[,7] JTK_pvalue numeric pvalue from JTK
[,8] JTK_BH.Q numeric FDR from JTK
[,9] JTK_period numeric period from JTK
[,10] JTK_adjphase numeric adjusted phase from JTK
[,11] JTK_amplitude numeric amplitude from JTK
[,12] LS_pvalue numeric pvalue from LS
[,13] LS_BH.Q numeric FDR from JTK
[,14] LS_period numeric period from LS
[,15] LS_adjphase numeric adjusted phase from LS
[,16] LS_amplitude numeric amplitude from LS
[,17] meta2d_pvalue numeric integrated pvalue
[,18] meta2d_BH.Q numeric FDR based on integrated pvalue
[,19] meta2d_period numeric averaged period of three methods
[,20] meta2d_phase numeric integrated phase
[,21] meta2d_Base numeric baseline value given by meta2d
[,22] meta2d_AMP numeric amplitude given by meta2d
[,23] meta2d_rAMP numeric relative amplitude
[,24:71] CT18 to CT65 numeric sampling time point


Hughes M. E., et al. (2009). Harmonics of circadian gene transcription in mammals. PLoS Genet, 5(4), e1000442.

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