Man pages for MetaLandSim
Landscape and Range Expansion Simulation

accept.calculateCalculate acceptance rates in MCMC chains
addpointsAdd a given number of patches to a landscape
cabreraModified patch occupancy data of Cabrera vole
calcmodeFunction for mode estimation of a continuous variable
cluster.graphDelivers the number of patches per cluster
cluster.idClassify patches in clusters
coda.createCreate files for use with R-package coda.
combine.chainsCombines two chains into a single chain.
components.graphNumber of components of a landscape
convert.graphConvert data frame to landscape
create.parameter.dfCreate parameter data frame
edge.graphProduce an edge (links) data frame
expansionClass 'expansion'
extract.graphExtract landscape from span.graph generated list
ifm.missing.MCMCEstimate the 'missing' design incidence function model
ifm.naive.MCMCEstimate the naive design incidence function model
ifm.robust.MCMCEstimate the robust design incidence function model
import.shapeImport a shapefile
iterate.graphSimulate landscape series occupation
landscapeClass 'landscape'
landscape_changeLandscape loosing 5% of patches per time step
list.statsReturning information on a dynamic landscape list
manage_expansion_simSimulate range expansion simulation
manage_landscape_simBatch landscape simulation
matrix.graphReturning a matrix with information on connections between...
mc_dfModified patch occupancy data of Cabrera vole as a data frame
merge_orderInternal functions for the MetaLandSim package.
MetaLandSim-packageLandscape And Range Expansion Simulation
metapopulationClass 'metapopulation'
metrics.graphComputes landscape connectivity metrics
min_distanceComputes topological distance
occ.landscapeSample landscape with one simulated occupancy snapshot
occ.landscape2Sample landscape with 10 simulated occupancy snapshots
param1Sample parameter data frame number 1
param2Sample parameter data frame number 2
parameter.estimateEstimate parameters
plot_expansionGraphical display of the expansion simulations
plot_graphGraphical display of the landscape
plotL.graphPlot one landscape of the list created by span.graph
range_expansionComputes a range expansion model
range_rasterProbability of occupancy, dispersal model
removepointsRemove a given number of patches from the landscape
remove.speciesRemove the species occupancy from the landscape
rg_expList with range.expansion output
rlandRandom landscape
rland.graphCreates random landscape graph
sim.areaVector of the areas for each site; here, 100 sites
sim.det.20Array corresponding to nsites x nyears x nvisits
sim.distanceDistance matrix between sampling sites (nsite x nsite).
simulatedifmSet of simulated data to use with the IFM parameter...
simulate_graphSimulate species occupancy in one dynamic landscape
span.graphSimulate landscape dynamics over a number of time steps
species.graphSimulate landscape occupation
spomStochastic Patch Occupancy Model
summary_landscapeSummarize 'landscape' class objects
summary_metapopulationSummarize 'metapopulation' class objects
z.simOccupancy data generated with perfect detection.
z.sim.20Occupancy data generated with perfect detection with...
z.sim.20.faOccupancy data containing false absences
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