AUDIT: Alcohol Use Disorders Identfication Test

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Four primary studies which validated the Alcohol Use Disorders Identfication Test by comparing the screening outcomes against the reference of self-report alcohol consumption.




A data frame containing 5 variables and 4 observations. The variables are:

study factor primary study name
TP numeric number of true positives
FN numeric number of false negatives
FP numeric number of false positives
TN numeric number of true negatives


Botella et al. 2013, table 2


Botella, J., Huang, H., Suero, M.(2013). Multinomial tree models for assessing the status of the reference in studies of the accuracy of tools for binary classification. Frontiers in Psychology,4:694. s=956&name=quantitative_psychology_and_measurement&ART_DOI=10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00694

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