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Clustering and Classification using Model-Based Mixture Models

birdsQualitative data : morphological description of birds
bullsEyeQuantitative Data: bullsEye
bullsEye.catlabel Data:
bullsEye.targetlabel Data:
carQualitative data : Car Evaluation
clusterAlgoCreate an instance of the ['ClusterAlgo'] class
ClusterAlgo-class['ClusterAlgo'] class for Cluster algorithms.
clusterAlgoPredictCreate an instance of the ['ClusterAlgoPredict'] class
ClusterAlgoPredict-class['ClusterAlgoPredict'] class for predict algorithm.
clusterCategoricalCreate an instance of the ['ClusterCategorical'] class
ClusterCategorical-classDefinition of the ['ClusterCategorical'] class
ClusterCategoricalComponent-classDefinition of the ['ClusterCategoricalComponent'] class
clusterCategoricalNamesCreate a vector of Categorical mixture model names.
clusterDiagGaussianCreate an instance of the ['ClusterDiagGaussian'] class
ClusterDiagGaussian-classDefinition of the ['ClusterDiagGaussian'] class
ClusterDiagGaussianComponent-classDefinition of the ['ClusterDiagGaussianComponent'] class
clusterDiagGaussianNamesCreate a vector of diagonal Gaussian mixture model names.
clusterGammaCreate an instance of the ['ClusterGamma'] class
ClusterGamma-classDefinition of the ['ClusterGamma'] class
ClusterGammaComponent-classDefinition of the ['ClusterGammaComponent'] class
clusterGammaNamesCreate a vector of gamma mixture model names.
clusterInitCreate an instance of ['ClusterInit'] class
ClusterInit-classConstructor of the ['ClusterInit'] class
clusterMixedDataCreate an instance of the ['ClusterMixedDataModel'] class
ClusterMixedDataModel-classDefinition of the ['ClusterMixedDataModel'] class
ClusterModels-classInterface base Class ['IClusterModel'] for Cluster models.
clusterPoissonCreate an instance of the ['ClusterPoisson'] class
ClusterPoisson-classDefinition of the ['ClusterPoisson'] class
clusterPoissonNamesCreate a vector of Poisson mixture model names.
clusterPredictCreate an instance of ['ClusterPredict'] class
ClusterPredict-classClass ['ClusterPredict'] for predicting
ClusterPredictMixedData-classClass ['ClusterPredictMixedData'] for predicting
clusterStrategyA strategy is a multistage empirical process for finding a...
ClusterStrategy-classConstructor of ['ClusterStrategy'] class
DebTrivediCounting Data: DebTrivedi
extract-methodsExtract parts of a MixAll S4 class
geyserQuantitative data: Old Faithful Geyser
HeartDiseaseMixed data : Cleveland Heart Disease Data
IClusterComponent-classDefinition of the ['IClusterComponent'] class
IClusterPredict-classInterface class ['IClusterPredict'] for predicting
initialize-methodsInitialize an instance of a MixAll S4 class.
kmmCreate an instance of the ['KmmModel'] class
KmmComponent-classDefinition of the ['KmmComponent'] class
kmmMixedDataCreate an instance of the ['KmmMixedDataModel'] class
KmmMixedDataModel-classDefinition of the ['KmmMixedDataModel'] class
KmmModel-classDefinition of the ['KmmModel'] class
kmmNamesCreate a vector of Kernel mixture model (KMM) names.
kmmStrategyCreate an instance of ['ClusterStrategy'] class
learnAlgoCreate an instance of the ['LearnAlgo'] class
LearnAlgo-class['LearnAlgo'] class for Cluster algorithms.
learnersCreate an instance of a learn mixture model
learnMixedDataThis function learn the optimal mixture model when the class...
missingValues-methodsReturn the missing values of a component or a cluster class.
MixAll-packageMixAll Allows to estimate parametric mixture models with...
plot-ClusterCategorical-methodPlotting of a class ['ClusterCategorical']
plot-ClusterDiagGaussian-methodPlotting of a class ['ClusterDiagGaussian']
plot-ClusterGamma-methodPlotting of a class ['ClusterGamma']
plot-ClusterMixedDataModel-methodPlotting of a class ['ClusterMixedDataModel']
plot-ClusterPoisson-methodPlotting of a class ['ClusterPoisson']
plot-KmmComponent-methodPlotting of a class ['KmmComponent']
plot-KmmMixedDataModel-methodPlotting of a class ['KmmMixedDataModel']
plot-KmmModel-methodPlotting of a class ['KmmModel']
print-methodsPrint a MixAll S4 class to standard output.
show-methodsShow description of a MixAll S4 class to standard output.
summary-methodsProduce summary of a MixAll S4 class.
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