AKm02a0: 'AKm02a0' estimates a0 using the Andreev-Kinkade rule of...

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AKm02a0 is an auxiliary function used by version 6 of the four HMD lifetable functions, ltper_AxN(), ltcoh_AxN(), ltperBoth_AxN(), ltcohBoth_AxN(). This function calls AKm02q0() to help get the work done, since the HMD needed to adapt the Andreev-Kingkade formulas to work with the period lifetable flow.


AKm02a0(m0, sex = "male")



the event / exposure infant mortality rate (not IMR)


either "male" or "female"


This is based on an MPIDR Working Paper: Andreev, Evgueni M and Kingkade, Ward W (2011) "Average age at death in infancy and infant mortality level: reconsidering the Coale-Demeny formulas at current levels of low mortality". short link: http://goo.gl/b5m5pg.


a0, the estimated average age at death of those dying in the first year of life, either a single value or a vector of a_0 values.


Tim Riffe

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