MortHump-package: Measure the Young Adult Mortality Hump

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Fit diverse models of mortality graduation, parametric or not, in order to isolate the hump that is often observed in the age-specific death rates during adolescence and early adulthood in human populations. Can handle either all-cause or cause-specific data.


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Adrien Remund, Carlo G Camarda, Tim Riffe

Maintainer: Adrien Remund <[email protected]>


Remund, A. , Riffe, T, & Camarda, C. G. (2016). A non-parametric approach to decompose the young adult mortality hump by causes of death. Population Association of America.

Camarda, C. G., Eilers, P. H. C., & Gampe, J. (2016). Sums of smooth exponentials to decompose complex series of counts. Statistical Modelling.

Remund, A. (2015). Jeunesses vulnerables? Mesures, composantes et causes de la surmortalite des jeunes adultes. (PhD), Universite de Geneve, Geneve. [Free access]

Camarda, C. G. (2008). Smoothing methods for the analysis of mortality development. (Doctorado en Ingenieria Matematica), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid.

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