MplusAutomation: Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation

Leverages the R language to automate latent variable model estimation and interpretation using Mplus, a powerful latent variable modeling program developed by Muthen and Muthen ( Specifically, this package provides routines for creating related groups of models, running batches of models, and extracting and tabulating model parameters and fit statistics.

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AuthorMichael Hallquist [aut, cre], Joshua Wiley [aut]
Date of publication2016-06-09 13:17:53
MaintainerMichael Hallquist <>

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Man pages

addHeaderToSavedata: Add header to saved data

addNode: Add a node to a GRAPHVIZ model

cd: Change directory

classifyTags: Classifies Tags

clipString: Clip String

coef.mplus.model: Return coefficients for an mplus.model object

compareModels: Compare the output of two Mplus models

connectNodes: Connect two nodes

createModels: Create Mplus Input Files from Template

createSyntax: Create the Mplus input text for an mplusObject

createVarSyntax: Create Mplus syntax for variable names

divideIntoFields: Divide text into fields

evaluateConditional: Evaluate Conditional

extract: Extract function to make Mplus output work with the 'texreg'...

extractAux: Extract Auxiliary condition means and comparisons.

extractClassCounts: Extract Latent Class Counts

extractFacScoreStats: Extract Factor Score Statistics

extractFreeFile: Extract free file output

extractInput_1file: Extract and parse Mplus input file

extractModelParameters: Extract model parameters from MODEL RESULTS section.

extractModelSummaries: Extract summary statistics from a single output file or from...

extractModIndices: Extract model modification indices.

extractModIndices_1chunk: Extract Modification Indices for One Chunk (Section)

extractModIndices_1file: Extract Modification Indices for One File

extractParameters_1chunk: Extract Parameters for One Chunk

extractParameters_1file: Extract Parameters for One File

extractParameters_1section: Extract Parameters for One Section

extractResiduals: Extract residual matrices

extractSummaries_1file: Extract the summaries from one file

extractSummaries_1plan: Worker function used in extractSummaries_1section

extractSummaries_1section: Extract summary information for one section from Mplus output

extractTech1: Extract Technical 1 matrix from Mplus

extractTech10: Extract Technical 10 matrix from Mplus

extractTech12: Extract Technical 12 from Mplus

extractTech3: Extract Technical 3 matrix from Mplus

extractTech4: Extract Technical 4 matrix from Mplus

extractTech7: Extract Technical 7 from Mplus

extractTech9: Extract Technical 9 matrix from Mplus

extractValue: Extract values from Mplus output An internal function used by...

extractWarningsErrors_1file: Extract warnings and errors from 1 mplus file

finalizeInitCollection: Finalize Init Collection

getInitTags: Get Initial Tags

getMultilineSection: Extract a multiline section from Mplus output

getSavedata_Bparams: Load the draws from the Bayesian model posterior distribution...

getSavedata_Data: Load an analysis dataset from the SAVEDATA command into an R...

getSavedata_Fileinfo: Read Variable Names, Formats, and Widths from data generated...

graphModel: Create a graphic model from Mplus

HTMLSummaryTable: Create an HTML file containing a summary table of Mplus model...

LatexSummaryTable: Display summary table of Mplus model statistics in separate...

l_getSavedata_Bparams: Internal function to load the draws from the Bayesian model...

l_getSavedata_Fileinfo: local function that does the work of getSaveData_Fileinfo

l_getSavedata_readRawFile: Internal function to load the draws from the Bayesian model...

lookupSimpleTags: Simple tag lookup

lookupTech1Parameter: Lookup the matrix element for a give parameter number

lookupValue: Lookup values

matrixExtract: Reconstruct matrix from multi-line text output

MplusAutomation: Automating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation

mplusModeler: Create, run, and read Mplus models.

mplusObject: Create an Mplus model object

mplusRcov: Create Mplus code for various residual covariance structures.

mplus.traceplot: Plot the samples for each MCMC chain as a function of...

paramExtract: Extract parameters from a data frame of Mplus estimates

parseMplus: Check Mplus code for missing semicolons or too long lines.

parseTags: Parses tags in the body section

plot.mplusObject: Plot coefficients for an mplusObject

prepareMplusData: Create tab-delimited file and Mplus input syntax from R...

prepareMplusData_Mat: Prepare Mplus Data Matrix

print.MplusRstructure: Print an Mplus Residual Structure object

processConditionalTags: Process Conditional Tags

processInit: Process the Init Section

readModels: Read Parameters, Summary Statistics, and Savedata from Mplus...

recurseReplace: Recursive replace

replaceBodyTags: Replace Body Tags

replaceInitTags: Replace Init Tags

rmVarWarnings: Remove variable name length warnings from Mplus output file

runModels: Run Mplus Models

runModels_Interactive: Run Mplus Models Using Graphical Interface

showSummaryTable: Display summary table of Mplus model statistics in separate...

splitDFByRow: Split a data frame into a list by rows

subsetModelList: Subset a list of Mplus model results

summary.mplusObject: Summarize an mplusObject

SummaryTable: Create a summary table of Mplus model statistics

testBParamCompoundConstraint: Test inequality-constrained hypothesis for two or more...

testBParamConstraint: Test inequality-constrained hypothesis for two parameters...

unlabeledMatrixExtract: Reconstruct matrix from unlabeled multi-line text output

updateCurrentValues: Updates current values

update.mplusObject: Update an Mplus model object


addHeaderToSavedata Man page
addNode Man page
cd Man page
classifyTags Man page
clipString Man page
coef.mplus.model Man page
coef.mplusObject Man page
compareModels Man page
connectNodes Man page
createModels Man page
createSyntax Man page
createVarSyntax Man page
divideIntoFields Man page
evaluateConditional Man page
extract Man page
extractAux Man page
extractClassCounts Man page
extractFacScoreStats Man page
extractFreeFile Man page
extractInput_1file Man page
extractModelParameters Man page
extractModelSummaries Man page
extractModIndices Man page
extractModIndices_1chunk Man page
extractModIndices_1file Man page
extract.mplus.model Man page
extract,mplus.model-method Man page
extract.mplusObject Man page
extract,mplusObject-method Man page
extractParameters_1chunk Man page
extractParameters_1file Man page
extractParameters_1section Man page
extractResiduals Man page
extractSummaries_1file Man page
extractSummaries_1plan Man page
extractSummaries_1section Man page
extractTech1 Man page
extractTech10 Man page
extractTech12 Man page
extractTech3 Man page
extractTech4 Man page
extractTech7 Man page
extractTech9 Man page
extractValue Man page
extractWarningsErrors_1file Man page
finalizeInitCollection Man page
getInitTags Man page
getMultilineSection Man page
getSavedata_Bparams Man page
getSavedata_Data Man page
getSavedata_Fileinfo Man page
graphModel Man page
HTMLSummaryTable Man page
LatexSummaryTable Man page
l_getSavedata_Bparams Man page
l_getSavedata_Fileinfo Man page
l_getSavedata_readRawFile Man page
lookupSimpleTags Man page
lookupTech1Parameter Man page
lookupValue Man page
matrixExtract Man page
MplusAutomation Man page
MplusAutomation-package Man page
mplusModeler Man page
mplusObject Man page
mplusRcov Man page
mplus.traceplot Man page
paramExtract Man page
parseMplus Man page
parseTags Man page
plot.mplusObject Man page
prepareMplusData Man page
prepareMplusData_Mat Man page
print.MplusRstructure Man page
processConditionalTags Man page
processInit Man page
readModels Man page
recurseReplace Man page
replaceBodyTags Man page
replaceInitTags Man page
rmVarWarnings Man page
runModels Man page
runModels_Interactive Man page
showSummaryTable Man page
splitDFByRow Man page
subsetModelList Man page
summary.mplusObject Man page
SummaryTable Man page
testBParamCompoundConstraint Man page
testBParamConstraint Man page
unlabeledMatrixExtract Man page
updateCurrentValues Man page
update.mplusObject Man page


R/runModels.R R/extractParameters.R R/createModels.R R/MplusAutomation.R R/compareModels.R R/graphModels.R R/methods.R R/extractAuxDis.R R/parseOutput.R R/utilityFunctions.R R/extractModIndices.R R/extractSaveData.R R/summary.R R/mplus.R
man/plot.mplusObject.Rd man/testBParamCompoundConstraint.Rd man/rmVarWarnings.Rd man/HTMLSummaryTable.Rd man/matrixExtract.Rd man/getSavedata_Bparams.Rd man/l_getSavedata_Fileinfo.Rd man/prepareMplusData_Mat.Rd man/prepareMplusData.Rd man/readModels.Rd man/parseMplus.Rd man/createSyntax.Rd man/testBParamConstraint.Rd man/updateCurrentValues.Rd man/divideIntoFields.Rd man/extractSummaries_1file.Rd man/classifyTags.Rd man/extractModelParameters.Rd man/extractTech3.Rd man/extractSummaries_1section.Rd man/getInitTags.Rd man/lookupSimpleTags.Rd man/replaceBodyTags.Rd man/evaluateConditional.Rd man/compareModels.Rd man/extractModIndices.Rd man/getMultilineSection.Rd man/getSavedata_Data.Rd man/mplus.traceplot.Rd man/extractValue.Rd man/showSummaryTable.Rd man/extractTech12.Rd man/replaceInitTags.Rd man/LatexSummaryTable.Rd man/extractSummaries_1plan.Rd man/mplusModeler.Rd man/subsetModelList.Rd man/createVarSyntax.Rd man/extractFreeFile.Rd man/print.MplusRstructure.Rd man/extractParameters_1file.Rd man/lookupTech1Parameter.Rd man/finalizeInitCollection.Rd man/parseTags.Rd man/extractModelSummaries.Rd man/processInit.Rd man/extractTech7.Rd man/update.mplusObject.Rd man/mplusObject.Rd man/extractTech10.Rd man/recurseReplace.Rd man/extractModIndices_1file.Rd man/SummaryTable.Rd man/extractModIndices_1chunk.Rd man/extractFacScoreStats.Rd man/addHeaderToSavedata.Rd man/mplusRcov.Rd man/summary.mplusObject.Rd man/getSavedata_Fileinfo.Rd man/lookupValue.Rd man/l_getSavedata_Bparams.Rd man/cd.Rd man/graphModel.Rd man/processConditionalTags.Rd man/coef.mplus.model.Rd man/connectNodes.Rd man/clipString.Rd man/MplusAutomation.Rd man/splitDFByRow.Rd man/unlabeledMatrixExtract.Rd man/extractInput_1file.Rd man/extractWarningsErrors_1file.Rd man/runModels.Rd man/extractParameters_1section.Rd man/extractClassCounts.Rd man/extractResiduals.Rd man/createModels.Rd man/extract.Rd man/extractTech1.Rd man/extractTech4.Rd man/paramExtract.Rd man/extractTech9.Rd man/extractAux.Rd man/extractParameters_1chunk.Rd man/addNode.Rd man/runModels_Interactive.Rd man/l_getSavedata_readRawFile.Rd

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