Man pages for MplusAutomation
An R Package for Facilitating Large-Scale Latent Variable Analyses in Mplus

addHeaderToSavedataAdd header to saved data
addNodeAdd a node to a GRAPHVIZ model
cdChange directory
classifyTagsClassifies Tags
clipStringClip String
coef.mplus.modelReturn coefficients for an mplus.model object
compareModelsCompare the output of two Mplus models
confint.mplus.modelReturn confidence intervals for an mplus.model object
connectNodesConnect two nodes
createMixturesCreate syntax for a batch of mixture models
createModelsCreate Mplus Input Files from Template
createSyntaxCreate the Mplus input text for an mplusObject
createVarSyntaxCreate Mplus syntax for variable names
detectColumnNamesDetect Column Names
detectMplusDetect the location/name of the Mplus command
detectVariablesAutomatically detect variables from an Mplus model object
divideIntoFieldsDivide text into fields
dot-convertDataConvert a matrix or data frame to numeric or integer for...
dot-mplusMultinomialInternal Function for Multinomial Regression in Mplus
evaluateConditionalEvaluate Conditional
extractExtract function to make Mplus output work with the 'texreg'...
extractAuxExtract Auxiliary condition means and comparisons.
extractClassCountsExtract Latent Class Counts
extractDataSummaryFunction to extract the SUMMARY OF DATA section from Mplus...
extractEFAparametersExtract the model parameters from an EFA Mplus model output
extractFacScoreStatsExtract Factor Score Statistics
extractFreeFileExtract free file output
extractIndirectExtract Indirect Effects output
extractIndirect_sectionExtract Indirect Effects output
extractInput_1fileExtract and parse Mplus input file
extractModelParametersExtract model parameters from MODEL RESULTS section.
extractModelSummariesExtract summary statistics from a single output file or from...
extractModIndicesExtract model modification indices.
extractModIndices_1chunkExtract Modification Indices for One Chunk (Section)
extractModIndices_1fileExtract Modification Indices for One File
extractParameters_1chunkExtract Parameters for One Chunk
extractParameters_1fileExtract Parameters for One File
extractParameters_1sectionExtract Parameters for One Section
extractResidualsExtract residual matrices
extractResiduals_1sectionHelper subfunction to extract one section of OUTPUT:...
extractSampstatHelper function to extract the sample statistics from Mplus...
extractSummaries_1fileExtract the summaries from one file
extractSummaries_1planWorker function used in extractSummaries_1section
extractSummaries_1sectionExtract summary information for one section from Mplus output
extractTech1Extract Technical 1 matrix from Mplus
extractTech10Extract Technical 10 matrix from Mplus
extractTech12Extract Technical 12 from Mplus
extractTech15Extract Technical 15 from Mplus
extractTech3Extract Technical 3 matrix from Mplus
extractTech4Extract Technical 4 matrix from Mplus
extractTech7Extract Technical 7 from Mplus
extractTech8Extract Technical 8 from Mplus
extractTech9Extract Technical 9 matrix from Mplus
extractValueExtract values from Mplus output An internal function used by...
extractWarningsErrors_1fileExtract warnings and errors from 1 mplus file
finalizeInitCollectionFinalize Init Collection
friendlyGregexprFriendly Regular Expression
get_efa_nfactorsSmall helper function to obtain number of factors for an EFA...
getInitTagsGet Initial Tags
getMultilineSectionExtract a multiline section from Mplus output
getOutFileListGet Output File List
get_resultsExtract Mplus results
getSavedata_BparamsLoad the draws from the Bayesian model posterior distribution...
getSavedata_DataLoad an analysis dataset from the SAVEDATA command into an R...
getSavedata_FileinfoRead Variable Names, Formats, and Widths from data generated...
getSectionGet an Output Section
graphModelCreate a graphic model from Mplus
htmloutRead in Mplus Output File from HTML on the Mplus Website
HTMLSummaryTableCreate an HTML file containing a summary table of Mplus model...
isEmptyCheck whether a useable function argument was provided
LatexSummaryTableDisplay summary table of Mplus model statistics in separate...
lcademoLatent Class Analysis Demonstration
l_getSavedata_BparamsInternal function to load the draws from the Bayesian model...
l_getSavedata_Fileinfolocal function that does the work of getSaveData_Fileinfo
l_getSavedata_readRawFileInternal function to load the draws from the Bayesian model...
long2LGMMLong data to wide latent growth mixture model
lookupSimpleTagsSimple tag lookup
lookupTech1ParameterLookup the matrix element for a give parameter number
lookupValueLookup values
matrixExtractReconstruct matrix from multi-line text output
mixtureSummaryTableCreate a summary table of Mplus mixture models
mplus_as.numericConvert Mplus Number to Numeric
MplusAutomationAutomating Mplus Model Estimation and Interpretation
MplusAutomationUtilsClean data and calculate the md5 hash
mplusAvailableCheck whether Mplus can be found
mplusGLMFunction to fit GLMs in Mplus
mplusModelerCreate, run, and read Mplus models.
mplusObjectCreate an Mplus model object
mplusRcovCreate Mplus code for various residual covariance structures.
mplus.traceplotPlot the samples for each MCMC chain as a function of...
OSFunctions to identify the operating system
paramExtractExtract parameters from a data frame of Mplus estimates
parseCatOutputParse Categorical Output
parseMplusCheck Mplus code for missing semicolons or too long lines.
parseTagsParses tags in the body section
plotGrowthMixturesPlot growth mixture models
plotLTAPlot latent transition model
plotMixtureDensitiesCreate density plots for mixture models
plotMixturesCreate latent profile plots
plot.mplusObjectPlot coefficients for an mplusObject
prepareMplusDataCreate tab-delimited file and Mplus input syntax from R...
prepareMplusData_MatPrepare Mplus Data Matrix
print.MplusRstructurePrint an Mplus Residual Structure object
processConditionalTagsProcess Conditional Tags
processInitProcess the Init Section
readModelsRead Parameters, Summary Statistics, and Savedata from Mplus...
recurseReplaceRecursive replace
replaceBodyTagsReplace Body Tags
replaceInitTagsReplace Init Tags
rmVarWarningsRemove variable name length warnings from Mplus output file
runModelsRun Mplus Models
runModels_InteractiveRun Mplus Models Using Graphical Interface
separateHyphensSeparate Hyphenated Variable Strings
showSummaryTableDisplay summary table of Mplus model statistics in separate...
splitDFByRowSplit a data frame into a list by rows
splitFilePathSplit File and Path into Separate Parts
subsetModelListSubset a list of Mplus model results
summary.mplusObjectSummarize an mplusObject
SummaryTableCreate a summary table of Mplus model statistics
testBParamCompoundConstraintTest inequality-constrained hypothesis for two or more...
testBParamConstraintTest inequality-constrained hypothesis for two parameters...
trainLGMMTrain a variety of latent growth mixture model
trimSpaceTrim White Space
unlabeledMatrixExtractReconstruct matrix from unlabeled multi-line text output
updateCurrentValuesUpdates current values
update.mplusObjectUpdate an Mplus model object
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