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Creates an HTML file containing a summary table of model fit statistics extracted using the extractModelSummaries function. By default, the following summary statistics are included: Title, LL, Parameters, AIC, AICC, BIC, RMSEA_Estimate, but these are customizable using the keepCols and dropCols parameters.


HTMLSummaryTable(modelList, filename = file.path(getwd(),
  "Model Comparison.html"), keepCols, dropCols, sortBy, display = FALSE)



A list of models (as a data.frame) returned from the extractModelSummaries function.


The name of the HTML file to be created. Can be an absolute or relative path. If filename is a relative path or just the filename, then it is assumed that the file resides in the working directory getwd(). Example: "Mplus Summary.html"


A vector of character strings indicating which columns/variables to display in the summary. Only columns included in this list will be displayed (all others excluded). By default, keepCols is: c("Title", "LL", "Parameters", "AIC", "AICC", "BIC", "RMSEA_Estimate"). Example: c("Title", "LL", "AIC", "CFI")


A vector of character strings indicating which columns/variables to omit from the summary. Any column not included in this list will be displayed. By default, dropCols is NULL. Example: c("InputInstructions", "TLI")


optional. Field name (as character string) by which to sort the table. Typically an information criterion (e.g., "AIC" or "BIC") is used to sort the table. Defaults to "AICC".


optional. This parameter specifies whether to display the table in a web browser upon creation (TRUE or FALSE).


No value is returned by this function. It is solely used to create an HTML file containing summary statistics.


You must choose between keepCols and dropCols because it is not sensible to use these together to include and exclude columns. The function will error if you include both parameters.


Michael Hallquist

See Also

extractModelSummaries, showSummaryTable, LatexSummaryTable


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