MultiABEL: Multivariate GWAS in R

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MultiABEL: Multivariate Genome-Wide Association Analyses


Performing multivariate genome-wide association (MVGWA) analyses. The modules are compatible with existing *ABEL data formats. The GWA analyses can be done on individual level data or on single-trait GWA summary statistics only.

For converting data from other formats, see

{convert.snp.illumina} (Illumina/Affymetrix-like format). This is our preferred converting function, very extensively tested. Other conversion functions include: {convert.snp.text} (conversion from human-readable GenABEL format), {convert.snp.ped} (Linkage, Merlin, Mach, and similar files), {convert.snp.mach} (Mach-format), {convert.snp.tped} (from PLINK TPED format), {convert.snp.affymetrix} (BRML-style files).

For converting of GenABEL's data to other formats, see {export.merlin} (MERLIN and MACH formats), {export.impute} (IMPUTE, SNPTEST and CHIAMO formats), {export.plink} (PLINK format, also exports phenotypic data).

To load the data, see {}.

For conversion to DatABEL format (used by ProbABEL and some other GenABEL suite packages), see {impute2databel}, {impute2mach}, {mach2databel}.

For data managment and manipulations see {}, {}, {}, {}, {snp.names}, {snp.subset}.


Xia Shen


If you use the MultiABEL package in your analysis, please cite the papers in citation("MultiABEL").

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