MultiLCIRT: Multidimensional Latent Class Item Response Theory Models

Framework for the Item Response Theory analysis of dichotomous and ordinal polytomous outcomes under the assumption of multidimensionality and discreteness of the latent traits. The fitting algorithms allow for missing responses and for different item parameterizations and are based on the Expectation-Maximization paradigm. Individual covariates affecting the class weights may be included in the new version (since 2.1).

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AuthorFrancesco Bartolucci, Silvia Bacci, Michela Gnaldi - University of Perugia (IT)
Date of publication2016-04-13 09:27:59
MaintainerFrancesco Bartolucci <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

aggr_data: Aggregate data

class_item: Hierarchical classification of test items

compare_models: Compare different models fitted by est_multi_poly

est_multi_glob: Fit marginal regression models for categorical responses

est_multi_poly: Estimate multidimensional LC IRT model for dichotomous and...

est_multi_poly_clust: Estimate multidimensional and multilevel LC IRT model for...

hads: Dataset about measurement of anxiety and depression in...

inv_glob: Invert marginal logits

lk_obs_score: Compute observed log-likelihood and score

lk_obs_score_clust: Compute observed log-likelihood and score

matr_glob: Matrices to compute generalized logits

MultiLCIRT-package: Multidimensional Latent Class (LC) Item Response Theory (IRT)...

naep: NAEP dataset

print.class_item: Print the output of class_item object

print.est_multi_poly: Print the output of est_multi_poly object

print.est_multi_poly_clust: Print the output of est_multi_poly_clust object

print.test_dim: Print the output of test_dim object

prob_multi_glob: Global probabilities

search.model: Search for the global maximum of the log-likelihood

standard.matrix: Standardization of a matrix of support points on the basis of...

summary.class_item: Print the output of class_item object

summary.est_multi_poly: Print the output of test_dim object

summary.est_multi_poly_clust: Print the output of est_multi_poly_clust object

summary.test_dim: Print the output of test_dim object

test_dim: Likelihood ratio testing between nested multidimensional LC...


aggr_data Man page
class_item Man page
compare_models Man page
est_multi_glob Man page
est_multi_poly Man page
est_multi_poly_clust Man page
hads Man page
inv_glob Man page
lk_obs_score Man page
lk_obs_score_clust Man page
matr_glob Man page
MultiLCIRT Man page
MultiLCIRT-package Man page
naep Man page
print.class_item Man page
print.est_multi_poly Man page
print.est_multi_poly_clust Man page
print.test_dim Man page
prob_multi_glob Man page
search.model Man page
standard.matrix Man page
summary.class_item Man page
summary.est_multi_poly Man page
summary.est_multi_poly_clust Man page
summary.test_dim Man page
test_dim Man page

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