ceilings: a set of all available ceiling techniques



Ceilings to use for the nca or nca_analysis methods
> nca(data, c(1, 2), 3, ceilings=c('ols', 'ce_fdh', 'cr_fdh'))

Note that the ols regression line is not a ceiling but is included as a reference.

Ceiling Technique Name
lh Low-High
cols Corrected Ordinary Least Squares
qr Quantile Regression
sfa Stochastic Frontier Analysis
ce_vrs Ceiling Envelopment with Varying Return to Scale
cr_vrs Ceiling Regression with Varying Return to Scale
ce_fdh Ceiling Envelopment with Free Disposal Hull
cr_fdh Ceiling Regression with Free Disposal Hull
c_lp Ceiling Linear Programming

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