NCmisc: Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and Scripts

A set of handy functions. Includes a versatile one line progress bar, one line function timer with detailed output, time delay function, text histogram, object preview, CRAN package search, simpler package installer, Linux command install check, a flexible Mode function, top function, simulation of correlated data, and more.

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AuthorNicholas Cooper
Date of publication2017-01-03 07:41:01
MaintainerNicholas Cooper <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

check.linux.install: Check whether a given system command is installed (e.g, bash)

comify: Function to add commas for large numbers

cor.with: Simulate a correlated variable

Dim: A more general dimension function

dup.pairs: Obtain an index of all instances of values with duplicates...

estimate.memory: Estimate the memory required for an object.

exists.not.function: Does object exist ignoring functions The exists() function...

extend.pc: Extend an interval by percentage

fakeLines: Create fake text for testing purposes

file.split: Split a text file into multiple parts

force.percentage: Force argument to be a percentage with length one

force.scalar: Force argument to be a numeric type with length one

get.distinct.cols: Return up to 22 distinct colours.

getRepositories: Detect all available R repositories.

has.method: Determine whether a function can be applied to an S4...

Header: Print heading text with a border.

headl: A good way to preview large lists. Show all functions used in an R script file, by package Create variables from a list

loess.scatter: Draw a scatterplot with a fit line

loop.tracker: Creates a progess bar within a loop

memory.summary: Summary of RAM footprint for all R objects in the current...

Mode: Find the mode of a vector.

must.use.package: Do everything possible to load an R package.

narm: Return an object with missing values removed.

NCmisc-internal: Internal NCmisc Functions

NCmisc-package: Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and...

out.of: Easily display fraction and percentages

packages.loaded: Check whether a set of packages has been loaded

pad.left: Print a vector with appropriate padding so each has equal...

pctile: Find data thresholds corresponding to percentiles

ppa: Posterior probability of association function

preview: Output variable states within functions during...

prv: Output variable states within functions/loops during...

prv.large: Tidy display function for matrix objects Convert p-values to Z-scores

Rfile.index: Create an index file for an R function file

rmv.spc: Remove leading and trailing spaces (or other character).

search.cran: Search all CRAN packages for those containing keyword(s).

sim.cor: Simulate a dataset with correlated measures Simple representation and retrieval of Date/Time

spc: Print a character a specified number of times.

standardize: Convert a numeric vector to Z-scores.

Substitute: Convert objects as arguments to object names

summarise.r.datasets: Summarise the dimensions and type of available R example...

textogram: Make an ascii histogram in the console.

timeit: Times an expression, with breakdown of time spent in each...

toheader: Return a string with each first letter of each word in upper...

top: Monitor CPU, RAM and Processes

Unlist: Unlist a list, starting only from a set depth.

wait: Wait for a period of time.

which.outlier: Return vector indexes of statistical univariate outliers Convert Z-scores to p-values


cat.path Man page Man page
check.linux.install Man page
comify Man page
cor.with Man page
Dim Man page
dir.force.slash Man page
display.var Man page Man page
dup.pairs Man page
estimate.memory Man page
exists.not.function Man page
extend.pc Man page
fakeLines Man page
file.split Man page Man page
force.percentage Man page
force.scalar Man page
get.distinct.cols Man page
get.ext Man page
getRepositories Man page
has.method Man page
head2 Man page
Header Man page
headl Man page Man page Man page Man page
loess.scatter Man page
loop.tracker Man page
make.divisor Man page Man page
memory.summary Man page
Mode Man page
must.use.package Man page
narm Man page
NCmisc Man page
NCmisc-package Man page
out.of Man page
packages.loaded Man page
pad.left Man page
pctile Man page
ppa Man page
preview Man page
prv Man page
prv.large Man page Man page
Rfile.index Man page
rmv.ext Man page
rmv.spc Man page
search.cran Man page
sim.cor Man page Man page
spc Man page
standardize Man page
Substitute Man page
suck.bytes Man page
suck.cpu Man page
suck.mem Man page
suck.num.from.txt Man page
summarise.r.datasets Man page
textogram Man page
timeit Man page
toheader Man page
tools_read_repositories Man page
top Man page
Unlist Man page
wait Man page
which.outlier Man page Man page

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