NCmisc: Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and Scripts

A set of handy functions. Includes a versatile one line progress bar, one line function timer with detailed output, time delay function, text histogram, object preview, CRAN package search, simpler package installer, Linux command install check, a flexible Mode function, top function, simulation of correlated data, and more.

AuthorNicholas Cooper
Date of publication2017-01-03 07:41:01
MaintainerNicholas Cooper <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

check.linux.install: Check whether a given system command is installed (e.g, bash)

comify: Function to add commas for large numbers

cor.with: Simulate a correlated variable

Dim: A more general dimension function

dup.pairs: Obtain an index of all instances of values with duplicates...

estimate.memory: Estimate the memory required for an object.

exists.not.function: Does object exist ignoring functions The exists() function...

extend.pc: Extend an interval by percentage

fakeLines: Create fake text for testing purposes

file.split: Split a text file into multiple parts

force.percentage: Force argument to be a percentage with length one

force.scalar: Force argument to be a numeric type with length one

get.distinct.cols: Return up to 22 distinct colours.

getRepositories: Detect all available R repositories.

has.method: Determine whether a function can be applied to an S4...

Header: Print heading text with a border.

headl: A good way to preview large lists. Show all functions used in an R script file, by package Create variables from a list

loess.scatter: Draw a scatterplot with a fit line

loop.tracker: Creates a progess bar within a loop

memory.summary: Summary of RAM footprint for all R objects in the current...

Mode: Find the mode of a vector.

must.use.package: Do everything possible to load an R package.

narm: Return an object with missing values removed.

NCmisc-internal: Internal NCmisc Functions

NCmisc-package: Miscellaneous Functions for Creating Adaptive Functions and...

out.of: Easily display fraction and percentages

packages.loaded: Check whether a set of packages has been loaded

pad.left: Print a vector with appropriate padding so each has equal...

pctile: Find data thresholds corresponding to percentiles

ppa: Posterior probability of association function

preview: Output variable states within functions during...

prv: Output variable states within functions/loops during...

prv.large: Tidy display function for matrix objects Convert p-values to Z-scores

Rfile.index: Create an index file for an R function file

rmv.spc: Remove leading and trailing spaces (or other character).

search.cran: Search all CRAN packages for those containing keyword(s).

sim.cor: Simulate a dataset with correlated measures Simple representation and retrieval of Date/Time

spc: Print a character a specified number of times.

standardize: Convert a numeric vector to Z-scores.

Substitute: Convert objects as arguments to object names

summarise.r.datasets: Summarise the dimensions and type of available R example...

textogram: Make an ascii histogram in the console.

timeit: Times an expression, with breakdown of time spent in each...

toheader: Return a string with each first letter of each word in upper...

top: Monitor CPU, RAM and Processes

Unlist: Unlist a list, starting only from a set depth.

wait: Wait for a period of time.

which.outlier: Return vector indexes of statistical univariate outliers Convert Z-scores to p-values

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