Defines functions ptd_add_short_group_warnings

#' Add Short Group Warnings (internal function)
#' Adds a column to the spc data frame warning of any groups of points that are
#' shorter than the warning_threshold, and which as a result do not follow best-
#' practice for the number of points on which to base SPC calculations.
#' Value is FALSE for any group (facet and rebase combined) that
#' is >= warning_threshold.
#' Value is TRUE for any group (facet and rebase combined) that
#' is < warning_threshold.
#' @param .data A data frame containing the information to be plotted.
#' @param warning_threshold An integer signifying the number of points that will
#' trigger a warning.
#' @return The original data frame with added column
#' @details to override the `warning_threshold` you can set the option `ptd_spc.warning_threshold`, e.g.
#' `options(ptd_spc.warning_threshold = 10)`. The default, if the option is not set, is 12.
#' @noRd
ptd_add_short_group_warnings <- function(.data, warning_threshold = getOption("ptd_spc.warning_threshold", 12)) {
  .data <- .data %>%
    group_by(across(c(.data$f, .data$rebase_group))) %>%
    mutate(short_group_warning = n() < warning_threshold, .after = .data$rebase_group) %>%

  if (any(.data$short_group_warning)) {
      "Some groups have 'n < 12' observations. ",
      "These have trial limits, which will be revised with each additional observation ",
      "until 'n = fix_after_n_points' has been reached."


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