Man pages for NISTnls
Nonlinear least squares examples from NIST

Bennett5Magentization modelling
Chwirut1Ultrasonic calibration study 1
Chwirut2Ultrasonic calibration data 2
DanielWoodRadiated energy
Eckerle4Circular interference data
ENSOAtmospheric pressure differences
Gauss1Generated data
Gauss2Generated data
Gauss3Generated data
Hahn1Thermal expansion data
Kirby2Microscope line width standards
Lanczos1Generated data
Lanczos2Generated data
Lanczos3Generated data
MGH09More, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 9
MGH10More, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 10
MGH17More, Gabrow and Hillstrom example 17
Misra1aMonomolecular Absorption Data
Misra1bMonomolecular Absorption Data
Misra1cMonomolecular Absorption data
Misra1dMonomolecular Absorption data
NelsonDialectric breakdown data
Ratkowsky2Pasture yield data
Ratkowsky3Onion growth data
Roszman1Quantum defects in iodine
ThurberElectron mobility data
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