Man pages for NPCirc
Nonparametric Circular Methods

ancova.circ.linNonparametric analysis of covariance tests for circular...
bw.bootBootstrap method
bw.CVCross-validation for density estimation
bw.piPlug-in rule
bw.reg.circ.linCross-validation rule for circular regression estimation
bw.rtRule of thumb
circsizer.densityCircSiZer map for density
circsizer.mapCircSiZer map
circsizer.regressionCircSiZer map for regression
cross.beds1Cross-beds azimuths (I)
cross.beds2Cross-beds (II)
cycle.changesCycle changes
dcircmixMixtures of circular distributions
dragonflyOrientations of dragonflies
dwsnWrapped skew-Normal density function
kern.den.circNonparametric circular kernel density estimation
kern.reg.circ.linNonparametric regression estimation for circular data
lines.regression.circularAdd a plot for circular regression
noeffect.circ.linNo-effect test for regression with circular data
NPCirc-packageNonparametric circular methods.
periwinklesOrientations of dragonflies
plot.regression.circularPlot circular regression
speed.windWind speed and wind direction data
temp.windTemperature and wind direction data
windWind direction data
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