NPCirc-package: Nonparametric circular methods.

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This package implements nonparametric kernel methods for density and regression estimation for circular data.


Package: NPCirc
Type: Package
Version: 2.0.1
Date: 2014-10-16
License: GPL-2
LazyLoad: yes

This package incorporates the function kern.den.circ which computes the circular kernel density estimator. For choosing the smoothing parameter different functions are available: bw.rt, bw.CV, bw.pi, and bw.boot. For regression involving circular variables, the package includes the functions: kern.reg.circ.lin for a circular covariate and linear response; kern.reg.circ.circ for a circular covariate and a circular response; kern.reg.lin.circ for a linear covariate and a circular response. The three functions compute Nadaraya-Watson and Local-Linear smoothers. The functions bw.reg.circ.lin, bw.reg.circ.circ and bw.reg.circ.lin implement cross–validation rules for selecting the smoothing parameter. Functions circsizer.density and gression provides CircSiZer maps for kernel density estimation and regression estimation, respectively. Functions dcircmix and rcircmix compute the density function and generate random samples of a circular distribution or a mixture of circular distributions, allowing for different components such as the circular uniform, von Mises, cardioid, wrapped Cauchy, wrapped normal and wrapped skew-normal. Finally, some data sets are provided. Missing data are allowed. Registries with missing data are simply removed.

For a complete list of functions, use library(help="NPCirc").


This work has been supported by Project MTM2008-03010 from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation IAP network (Developing crucial Statistical methods for Understanding major complex Dynamic Systems in natural, biomedical and social sciences (StUDyS)) from Belgian Science Policy. The authors want to acknowledge Prof. Arthur Pewsey for facilitating data examples and for his comments.


María Oliveira, Rosa M. Crujeiras and Alberto Rodríguez–Casal

Maintainer: María Oliveira [email protected]


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