Man pages for NetWeaver
Graphic Presentation of Complex Genomic and Network Data Analysis

cytobandHuman chromosome cytoband
ensemblerankEnsemble Rank
is.overlapRegion overlap test
ModulesExample Module Dataset
NetWeaverGraphic Presentation of Complex Genomic and Network Data...
rc.get.coordinatesGet Coordinates
rc.get.paramsGet Parameters
rc.initializeInitialize Circos Plot Parameters
rc.plot.areaSetup Plot Area
rc.plot.barpchartBar Plots
rc.plot.grColLegendPlot Gradient Color Legend
rc.plot.heatmapPlot Heat-map
rc.plot.histogramPlot Histogram, Barchart or Heat-map
rc.plot.ideogramPlot Ideogram
rc.plot.linePlot Line
rc.plot.linkPlot Link
rc.plot.mHistogramPlot Histogram or Barplot Across Chromosomes
rc.plot.pointPlot Point
rc.plot.ribbonPlot Ribbon
rc.plot.textPlot Text
rc.plot.trackPlot Track
rc.plot.track.idPlot Track Id
rc.reset.paramsReset Circos Plot Parameters
rc.track.posGet Track Positions
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