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Metagenome Coverage Estimation and Projections for 'Nonpareil'

cash-Nonpareil.Curve-methodGet attribute.
cash-Nonpareil.Set-methodGet attribute.
cash-set-Nonpareil.Curve-methodSet attribute.
cash-set-Nonpareil.Set-methodSet attribute.
NonpareilNonpareil: Metagenome Coverage Estimation and Projections for...
Nonpareil.add.curveAdds a 'Nonpareil.Curve' to a 'Nonpareil.Set'.
Nonpareil.antifComplement function of 'Nonpareil.f'.
Nonpareil.colReturns the color of the curve.
Nonpareil.coverage_factorFactor to transform redundancy into coverage (internal...
Nonpareil.curveGenerates a Nonpareil curve from an .npo file
Nonpareil.curve.batchAlias of 'Nonpareil.set'.
Nonpareil.Curve-classA single Nonpareil curve. This object can be produced by...
Nonpareil.fFunction of the projected model.
Nonpareil.fit_modelFit the sigmoidal model to the rarefied coverage.
Nonpareil.legendGenerates a legend for Nonpareil plots.
Nonpareil.read_dataRead the data tables and extract direct estimates.
Nonpareil.read_metadataRead the metadata headers.
Nonpareil.setGenerates a collection of Nonpareil curves (a 'Nonpareil.Set'...
Nonpareil.Set-classCollection of 'Nonpareil.Curve' objects. This object can be...
plot.Nonpareil.CurvePlot a 'Nonpareil.Curve' object.
plot.Nonpareil.SetPlot a 'Nonpareil.Set' object.
plus-Nonpareil.Set-ANY-methodAlias of 'Nonpareil.add.curve'.
predict.Nonpareil.CurvePredict the coverage for a given sequencing effort.
print.Nonpareil.CurvePrints and returns invisibly a summary of the...
print.Nonpareil.SetPrints and returns invisibly a summary of the 'Nonpareil.Set'...
summary.Nonpareil.CurveReturns a summary of the 'Nonpareil.Curve' results.
summary.Nonpareil.SetReturns a summary of the 'Nonpareil.Set' results.
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