Man pages for OpasnetUtils
Opasnet Modelling Environment Utility Functions

CheckOvariable Checks
CollapseMarginalCollapse marginals
CollapseTableParserParsing Collapse orders from a table
ComputeDependenciesEvaluate 'ovariable' dependencies
continuousOpsSimple continuous index merge and Ops
convert.unitsConverting units
ddata_applyDynamic data link activation
DecisionTableParserParse data.frame for decisions
EvalOutputEvaluate ovariable output
FetchFetch R objects described in a data.frame
fillnaInterpreting empty locations in indices
GISOpasnet spatially distributed data interfaces
interpretParse human readable distribution definitions
oapplyApply for ovariables
objectsServer side shared R objects
odagDirected Acyclic Graph Visualization of Ovariables
odebugDebugging ovariables
odecision-classClass '"odecision"'
odistRandom sampling using ovariables as parameters
opasnetImporting files from Opasnet
opbaseOpasnetBase Access
op_baseFunctions for Interaction with the Opasnet Base (obsolete)
openvOpasnetUtils environment for mutable function parameters
oprintPrint ovariables or data frames in html format.
OptimizeSimple optimization between discrete index locations
orbindRowbinding ovariables
OvariableOvariable constructor
ovariable-classClass '"ovariable"'
resultAccess result vector of an 'ovariable'
tidyFormat database output for use in ovariables
unkeepRemove unnecessary columns
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