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Definition container for CheckDecisions


Usually odecisions are created by DecisionTableParser using a full decision table that includes condition and effect descriptions in standard form. Odecisions created by DecisionTableParser do not have condition or effect defined. Instead CheckDecisions does the final parsing into preset effects and conditions. For non-standard conditions and effects decisions can be defined using the new("odecision", ...) call.

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Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("odecision", ...).



Object of class "data.frame" describes the decisions and their relevant options. It is merged with the output slot data.frame of an ovariable


Object of class "list" contains functions which return a logical vector that should indicate the relevant rows to be affected by a decision-option combination.


Object of class "list" contains functions which describe the effects of the decision on relevant rows of the output.


No methods defined with class "odecision" in the signature.


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