OpenLand-package: OpenLand: land use and cover (LUC) time series analysis in R.

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OpenLand: land use and cover (LUC) time series analysis in R.


OpenLand is an open-source R package for the analysis of land use and cover (LUC) time series. It includes support for consistency check and loading spatiotemporal raster data and synthesized spatial plotting. Several LUC change (LUCC) metrics in regular or irregular time intervals can be extracted and visualized through one- and multistep sankey and chord diagrams. A complete intensity analysis according to (Aldwaik and Pontius, 2012) is implemented, including tools for the generation of standardized multilevel output graphics.


Reginal Exavier, Peter Zeilhofer


Aldwaik, S. Z. and Pontius, R. G. (2012) ‘Intensity analysis to unify measurements of size and stationarity of land changes by interval, category, and transition, Landscape and Urban Planning. Elsevier B.V., 106(1), pp. 103–114. \Sexpr[results=rd]{tools:::Rd_expr_doi("10.1016/j.landurbplan.2012.02.010")}.

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