OpenRepGrid: Tools to Analyse Repertory Grid Data

A set of functions to analyze repertory grid data.

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AuthorMark Heckmann [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-02-24 16:46:36
MaintainerMark Heckmann <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

addConstruct: Add a new construct to an existing grid object.

addElement: Add an element to an existing grid.

addIndexColumnToMatrix: add index column for neater colnames

addVarianceExplainedToBiplot2d: Adds the percentage of the sum-of-squares explained by each...

alignByIdeal: Align constructs using the ideal element to gain pole...

alignByLoadings: Align constructs by loadings on first pricipal component.

angleOrderIndexes2d: Make indexes to order grid by angles in given dimensions.

apply_pb: apply with a progress bar

bertin: Make Bertin display of grid data.

bertinBase: Workhorse for the biplot printing.

bertinCluster: Bertin display with corresponding cluster anaylsis.

bind: Concatenate the constructs of two grids.

bindConstructs: Concatenate the constructs of two or more grids.

biplot2d: Draw a two-dimensional biplot.

biplot3d: Draw grid in rgl (3D device).

biplot3dBase2: biplot3dBase2 is the workhorse to draw a grid in rgl (3D...

biplotDraw: biplotDraw is the workhorse doing the drawing of a 2D biplot.

biplotEsa2d: Plot an eigenstructure analysis (ESA) biplot in 2D.

biplotEsa3d: Draw the eigenstructure analysis (ESA) biplot in rgl (3D...

biplotEsaPseudo3d: Plot an eigenstructure analysis (ESA) in 2D grid with 3D...

biplotPseudo3d: See 'biplotPseudo3d' for its use. Draws a biplot of the grid...

biplotSimple: A graphically unsophisticated version of a biplot.

biplotSlater2d: Draws Slater's INGRID biplot in 2D.

biplotSlater3d: Draw the Slater's INGRID biplot in rgl (3D device).

biplotSlaterPseudo3d: Draws Slater's biplot in 2D with depth impression (pseudo...

calcAngles: Calculate angles for points in first two columns.

calcBiplotCoords: Calculate coordinates for biplot.

calcCoordsBorders: Coordinates of a sourrounding rectangle in direction of a...

cascade: make ascending and descending vector

center: Centering of rows (constructs) and/or columns (elements).

clearRatings: clear ratings

cluster: Cluster analysis (of constructs or elements).

clusterBoot: Multiscale bootstrap cluster analysis.

constructCor: Calculate correlations between constructs.

constructD: Calculate Somers' d for the constructs.

constructPca: Principal component analysis (PCA) of inter-construct...

constructPcaLoadings: Extract loadings from PCA of constructs.

constructRmsCor: Root mean square (RMS) of inter-construct correlations.

convertImportObjectToRepGridObject: convertImportObjectToRepGridObject.

convertScivescoImportObjectToRepGridObject: Convert the returned object from the sci:vesco import...

data-bell2010: Grid data from Bell (2010).

data-bellmcgorry1992: Grid data from Bell and McGorry (1992).

data-boeker: Grid data from Boeker (1996).

data-fbb2003: Grid data from Fransella, Bell and Bannister (2003).

data-feixas2004: Grid data from Feixas and Saul (2004).

data-leach2001: Pre- and post therapy dataset from Leach et al. (2001).

data-mackay1992: Grid data from Mackay (1992). Data set 'Grid C'-

data-raeithel: Grid data from Raeithel (1998).

data-slater1977a: Drug addict's grid data set from Slater (1977, p. 32).

data-slater1977b: Grid data from Slater (1977).

decouple: decouple a grid

dim.repgrid: Return size of a grid.

distance: Distance measures (between constructs or elements).

distanceHartmann: 'Hartmann distance' (standardized Slater distances).

distanceNormalized: Standardized inter-element distances' (power transformed...

distanceSlater: 'Slater distances' (standardized Euclidean distances).

doRectanglesOverlap: Detect if two rectangles overlap.

doubleEntry: Join the constructs of a grid with the same reversed...

elementCor: Calculate the correlations between elements.

elementRmsCor: Root mean square (RMS) of inter-element correlations.

extract-methods: Extract parts of the repgrid object.

formatMatrix: Format a matrix and add index column.

getConstructNames: Get construct names

getConstructNames2: Retrieve construct names in needed format.

getElementNames: Retrieve element names of repgrid object.

getElementNames2: Retrieve element names in needed format.

getNoOfConstructs: Get number of constructs

getNoOfElements: Get number of elements

getRatingLayer: get rating layer

getScale: Get minimum and maximum scale value used in grid.

getScaleMidpoint: Get midpoint of the grid rating scale

home: Rotate the interactive 3D device to default views.

importExcel: Import grid data from an Excel file.

importExcelInternal: ImportExcelInternal is the parser for importExcel.

importGridcor: Import GRIDCOR data files.

importGridcorInternal: Internal parser for GRIDCOR data files.

importGridstat: Import Gridstat data files.

importGridstatInternal: Parser for Gridstat data files.

importGridsuite: Import Gridsuite data files.

importGridsuiteInternal: Internal parser for Gridsuite data files

importScivesco: Import sci:vesco data files.

importScivescoInternal: Internal parser for sci:vesco files (suffix 'scires').

importTxt: Import grid data from a text file.

importTxtInternal: ImportTxtInternal is the parser for importTxt.

indexBias: Calculate 'bias' of grid as defined by Slater (1977).

indexConflict1: Conflict measure for grids (Slade & Sheehan, 1979) based on...

indexConflict2: Conflict measure for grids (Bassler et al., 1992) based on...

indexConflict3: Conflict or inconsistenciy measure for grids (Bell, 2004)...

indexDilemma: Detect implicative dilemmas (conflicts).

indexIntensity: Intensity index

indexPvaff: Percentage of Variance Accounted for by the First Factor...

indexVariability: Calculate 'variability' of a grid as defined by Slater...

lapply_pb: lapply with a progress bar

loadgrid: Load repertory grid file using a GUI

makeEmptyRepgrid: Constructor for repgrid class

makeRepgrid: Make a new repgrid object.

map: map a value onto others

mapCoordinatesToColor: Determine color values according to a given range of values.

mapCoordinatesToValue: Map arbitrary numeric vector to a given range of values.

modifyConstruct: modify a construct

modifyElement: modifyElement

move: Move construct or element in grid to the left, right, up or...

multigridFileToSinglegridFiles: Converts a Gridstat multigrid file into temporary single grid...

normalize: Normalize rows or columns by its standard deviation.

OpenRepGrid: 'OpenRepGrid': an R package for the analysis of repertory...

OpenRepGrid-overview: 'OpenRepGrid': Annotated overview of package functions.

openrepgridSettings: subset method for openrepgridSettings class

ops-methods: Concatenate repgrid objects.

orderBy: order one vector by another

orderByString: find the order of a string vector so it will match the order...

permuteConstructs: Generate a list with all possible construct reflections of a...

permuteGrid: Permute rows, columns or whole grid matrix.

prepareBiplotData: Prepare dataframe passed to drawing functions for biplots.

print.alignByLoadings: Print method for class alignByLoadings.

print.constructCor: Print method for class constructCor.

print.constructD: Print method for class constructD.

print.constructPca: Print method for class constructPca.

print.distance: Print method for class distance.

print.elementCor: Print method for class elementCor.

print.hdistance: Print method for class hdistance (Hartmann distance objects).

print.indexConflict1: Print function for class indexConflict1

print.indexConflict2: Print method for class indexConflict2

print.indexConflict3: print method for class indexConflict3

print.indexIntensity: Print method for class indexIntensity.

print.indexPvaff: Print method for class indexPvaff.

print.rmsCor: Print method for class rmsCor (RMS correlation for constructs...

print.ssq: Print method for class ssq.

print.statsConstructs: Print method for class statsConstructs

print.statsElements: Print method for class statsElements

quasiDistributionDistanceSlater: Generate random grids and calculate 'Slater distances' for...

randomGrid: Generate a random grid (quasis) of prompted size.

randomGrids: Generate a list of random grids (quasis) of prompted size.

randomSentence: generate a random sentence with n words

randomSentences: generate n random sentences with a given or random number of...

randomWords: generate a random words

recycle: recycle vector to given length

recycle2: variation of recycle that recycles one vector x or y to the...

reorder2d: Order grid by angles between construct and/or elements in 2D.

rglDrawConstructLabels: draw constructs in rgl

rglDrawConstructPoints: draw constructs in rgl

rglDrawStandardAxes: Draw standard axes in the origin in an rgl plot.

rglDrawStandardEllipses: Draw standard ellipses in the origin in an rgl plot.

ring: bring vector values into ring form

sapply_pb: sapply with a progress bar

saveAsTxt: Save grid in a text file (txt).

setConstructAttr: Set the attributes of a construct

setElementAttr: Set the attributes of an element

setMeta: setMeta

setScale: Set the scale range of a grid.

settings: global settings for OpenRepGrid

settingsLoad: Load OpenRepGrid settings

settingsSave: Save OpenRepGrid settings

shift: Shift construct or element to first position.

showMeta: showMeta

show-repgrid-method: Show method for repgrid

showScale: Print scale range information to the console.

slaterStandardization: Internal workhorse for Slater standardization.

ssq: Calculate SSQ (accuracy) of biplot representation for...

stats: Descriptive statistics for constructs and elements of a grid.

stepChart: Density histogram withs steps instead of bars

strReverse: reverse a string

subassign: Method for "<-" assignment of the repgrid ratings.

swapConstructs: Swap the position of two constructs in a grid.

swapElements: Swap the position of two elements in a grid.

swapPoles: Swaps the construct poles.

trim_val: trim vector to lower or upper value


addConstruct Man page
addElement Man page
addIndexColumnToMatrix Man page
addVarianceExplainedToBiplot2d Man page
alignByIdeal Man page
alignByLoadings Man page
angleOrderIndexes2d Man page
apply_pb Man page
bell2010 Man page
bellmcgorry1992 Man page
bertin Man page
bertinBase Man page
bertinCluster Man page
bind Man page
bindConstructs Man page
biplot2d Man page
biplot3d Man page
biplot3dBase2 Man page
biplotDraw Man page
biplotEsa2d Man page
biplotEsa3d Man page
biplotEsaPseudo3d Man page
biplotPseudo3d Man page
biplotSimple Man page
biplotSlater2d Man page
biplotSlater3d Man page
biplotSlaterPseudo3d Man page
boeker Man page
calcAngles Man page
calcBiplotCoords Man page
calcCoordsBorders Man page
cascade Man page
center Man page
clearRatings Man page
cluster Man page
clusterBoot Man page
constructCor Man page
constructD Man page
constructPca Man page
constructPcaLoadings Man page
constructRmsCor Man page
convertImportObjectToRepGridObject Man page
convertScivescoImportObjectToRepGridObject Man page
data-bell2010 Man page
data-bellmcgorry1992 Man page
data-boeker Man page
data-fbb2003 Man page
data-feixas2004 Man page
data-leach2001 Man page
data-mackay1992 Man page
data-raeithel Man page
data-slater1977a Man page
data-slater1977b Man page
decouple Man page
dim.repgrid Man page
distance Man page
distanceHartmann Man page
distanceNormalized Man page
distanceSlater Man page
doRectanglesOverlap Man page
doubleEntry Man page
down Man page
elementCor Man page
elementRmsCor Man page
fbb2003 Man page
feixas2004 Man page
formatMatrix Man page
getConstructNames Man page
getConstructNames2 Man page
getElementNames Man page
getElementNames2 Man page
getNoOfConstructs Man page
getNoOfElements Man page
getRatingLayer Man page
getScale Man page
getScaleMidpoint Man page
home Man page
importExcel Man page
importExcelInternal Man page
importGridcor Man page
importGridcorInternal Man page
importGridstat Man page
importGridstatInternal Man page
importGridsuite Man page
importGridsuiteInternal Man page
importScivesco Man page
importScivescoInternal Man page
importTxt Man page
importTxtInternal Man page
indexBias Man page
indexConflict1 Man page
indexConflict2 Man page
indexConflict3 Man page
indexDilemma Man page
indexIntensity Man page
indexPvaff Man page
indexVariability Man page
lapply_pb Man page
leach2001a Man page
leach2001b Man page
left Man page
+,list,repgrid-method Man page
loadgrid Man page
mackay1992 Man page
makeEmptyRepgrid Man page
makeRepgrid Man page
map Man page
mapCoordinatesToColor Man page
mapCoordinatesToValue Man page
modifyConstruct Man page
modifyElement Man page
multigridFileToSinglegridFiles Man page
normalize Man page
OpenRepGrid Man page
OpenRepGrid-overview Man page
OpenRepGrid-overview-package Man page
OpenRepGrid-package Man page
[.openrepgridSettings Man page
orderBy Man page
orderByString Man page
permuteConstructs Man page
permuteGrid Man page
prepareBiplotData Man page
print.alignByLoadings Man page
print.constructCor Man page
print.constructD Man page
print.constructPca Man page
print.distance Man page
print.elementCor Man page
print.hdistance Man page
print.indexConflict1 Man page
print.indexConflict2 Man page
print.indexConflict3 Man page
print.indexIntensity Man page
print.indexPvaff Man page
print.openrepgridSettings Man page
print.rmsCor Man page
print.ssq Man page
print.statsConstructs Man page
print.statsElements Man page
quasiDistributionDistanceSlater Man page
raeithel Man page
randomGrid Man page
randomGrids Man page
randomSentence Man page
randomSentences Man page
randomWords Man page
recycle Man page
recycle2 Man page
reorder2d Man page
[,repgrid,ANY,ANY-method Man page
+,repgrid,list-method Man page
[<-,repgrid-method Man page
[,repgrid-method Man page
+,repgrid,repgrid-method Man page
rglDrawConstructLabels Man page
rglDrawConstructPoints Man page
rglDrawStandardAxes Man page
rglDrawStandardEllipses Man page
right Man page
ring Man page
sapply_pb Man page
saveAsTxt Man page
setConstructAttr Man page
setElementAttr Man page
setMeta Man page
setScale Man page
settings Man page
settingsLoad Man page
settingsSave Man page
shift Man page
showMeta Man page
show,repgrid-method Man page
showScale Man page
slater1977a Man page
slater1977b Man page
slaterStandardization Man page
ssq Man page
statsConstructs Man page
statsElements Man page
stepChart Man page
strReverse Man page
swapConstructs Man page
swapElements Man page
swapPoles Man page
trim_val Man page
up Man page


R/data-openrepgrid.r R/settings.r R/export.r R/utils-import.r R/repgrid-elements.r R/openrepgrid.r R/repgrid-basicops.r R/dev-functions.r R/measures.r R/onair.r R/repgrid-output.r R/import.r R/utils.r R/double-entry.R R/zzz.r R/repgrid-constructs.r R/repgrid-ratings.r R/gmMain.r R/calc.r R/rgl-3d.r R/repgrid-plots.r R/distance.R R/bertin.r R/repgrid.r
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