print.OptimDes: Print Objects Output By OptimDes

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Print an object output by OptimDes.


## S3 method for class 'OptimDes'
print(x, dig = 3, all=FALSE, condPow=F,
                     CMadj=F, ...)



Object output by OptimDes.


Number of digits printed.


If TRUE, results are printed for all total sample sizes evaluated by OptimDes.


The conditional probability of rejecting the null hypothesis computed assuming the alternative distributions and an interim Z statistic equal to the interim test boundary C1 is reported when condPow=T.


If true, the sample sizes and times are adjusted by the ratio of the exact binomial to asymptotic normal sample size for the single stage design, as in Case and Morgan (2003). Proportional adjustments of times and sample sizes are made even if the accrual rates are not constant. Default is false.


Optional print arguments, see print.default.


Bo Huang <> and Neal Thomas <>


Huang B., Talukder E. and Thomas N. Optimal two-stage Phase II designs with long-term endpoints. Statistics in Biopharmaceutical Research, 2(1), 51–61.

Case M. D. and Morgan T. M. (2003) Design of Phase II cancer trials evaluating survival probabilities. BMC Medical Research Methodology, 3, 7.

Lin D. Y., Shen L., Ying Z. and Breslow N. E. (1996) Group seqential designs for monitoring survival probabilities. Biometrics, 52, 1033–1042.

Simon R. (1989) Optimal two-stage designs for phase II clinical trials. Controlled Clinical Trials, 10, 1–10.

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