pitcher_traits: Sample Multivariate Trait Data (Pitcher Plants)

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These data represent a subset of trait information collected on carnivorous pitchers of the Northern Pitcher plant, *Sarracenia purpurea*, across the species' native North American latitudinal range 30.197°N-53.722°N (Freedman et al. 2021). We provide data from 5 sites out of the 36 sites sampled.




An object of class data.frame with 120 rows and 9 columns.


Pitcher traits measured include:

See Ellison and Gotelli (2002) for a diagram illustrating traits measured.


Ellison, A.M., and N.J. Gotelli. 2002. Nitrogen availability alters the expression of carnivory in the Northern Pitcher Plant, *Sarracenia purpurea*. *Proceedings of the National Academy of Science* 99(7):4409-12.

Freedman, Z.B., A. McGrew, B. Baiser, M. Besson, D. Gravel, T. Poisot, S. Record, L.B. Trotta, and N.J. Gotelli. 2021. Environment-host-microbial interactions shape the *Sarracenia purpurea* microbiome at the continental scale. *Ecology*, 102(5):e03308.

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