small_mammal_data: Sample Continuous Trait Data (NEON Small Mammals 2015)

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Sample Continuous Trait Data (NEON Small Mammals 2015)


This is a sample dataset with small mammal data from all available NEON sites in 2015. Each row represents an individual small mammal that was trapped and weighed, with its species identity, body weight in grams, sex, and life stage provided. Site name, site code, and sampling plot ID are provided. This dataset is adapted from one published by Read et al. (2018).




An object of class data.frame with 7692 rows and 7 columns.


NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network). Small mammal box trapping (DP1.10072.001). (accessed July 13, 2021)

Read, Q.D., J.M. Grady, P.L. Zarnetske, S. Record, B. Baiser, J. Belmaker, M.-N. Tuanmu, A. Strecker, L. Beaudrot, and K.M. Thibault. 2018. Among-species overlap in rodent body size distributions predicts species richness along a temperature gradient. *Ecography* 41(10):1718-1727.

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