PASenseWear: Summarize Daily Physical Activity from 'SenseWear'...

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Package PASenseWear allows you to summarize SenseWear physical activity data and to plot heat map from different perspectives.


Function Sensewear_report produces participant's daily activity report.

Function heatmap plots heat map for a single participant. It shows the daily activity intensity change and makes it easy to compare activity intensity across different days.

Function multipleheatmap gives the availability of grouping participants as user defined categories. The heat map illustrates different daily activity intensities of different groups.

Sample datasets are provided for a referance of data format:

sampledata provides one participant's sample activity data.

sampledata_multiple provides 4 participants' combined sample activity data. An extra column ID helps to identify different participants.

demography records the age and gender of the above 4 participants for the use of plotting group heat map. Users can provide other demographic information for the corresponding useage in function multipleheatmap.

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