Man pages for PBSmapping
Mapping Fisheries Data and Spatial Analysis Tools

addBubblesAdd Bubbles to Maps
addCompassAdd Compass Rose to Map
addLabelsAdd Labels to an Existing Plot
addLinesAdd a PolySet to an Existing Plot as Polylines
addPointsAdd EventData/PolyData to an Existing Plot as Points
addPolysAdd a PolySet to an Existing Plot as Polygons
addStipplesAdd Stipples to an Existing Plot
appendPolysAppend a Two-Column Matrix to a PolySet
bcBathymetryData: Bathymetry Spanning British Columbia's Coast
calcAreaCalculate the Areas of Polygons
calcCentroidCalculate the Centroids of Polygons
calcConvexHullCalculate the Convex Hull for a Set of Points
calcGCdistCalculate Great-Circle Distance
calcLengthCalculate the Length of Polylines
calcMidRangeCalculate the Midpoint of the X/Y Ranges of Polygons
calcSummaryApply Functions to Polygons in a PolySet
calcVoronoiCalculate the Voronoi (Dirichlet) Tesselation for a Set of...
clipLinesClip a PolySet as Polylines
clipPolysClip a PolySet as Polygons
closePolysClose a PolySet
combineEventsCombine Measurements of Events
combinePolysCombine Several Polygons into a Single Polygon
convCPConvert Contour Lines into a PolySet
convDPConvert EventData/PolyData into a PolySet
convLPConvert Polylines into a Polygon
convULConvert Coordinates between UTM and Lon/Lat
dividePolysDivide a Single Polygon into Several Polygons
EventDataEventData Objects
extractPolyDataExtract PolyData from a PolySet
findCellsFind Grid Cells that Contain Events
findPolysFind Polygons that Contain Events
fixBoundFix the Boundary Points of a PolySet
fixPOSFix the POS Column of a PolySet
importEventsImport EventData from a Text File
importGSHHSImport Data from a GSHHS Database
importLocsImport LocationSet from a text file
importPolysImport PolySet from a text file
importShapefileImport an ESRI Shapefile
isConvexDetermine Whether Polygons are Convex
isIntersectingDetermine Whether Polygons are Self-Intersecting
joinPolysJoin One or Two PolySets using a Logic Operation
locateEventsLocate Events on the Current Plot
locatePolysLocate Polygons on the Current Plot
LocationSetLocationSet Objects
makeGridMake a Grid of Polygons
makePropsMake Polygon Properties
makeTopographyMake Topography Data from Online Source
nepacLLData: Shorelines of the NE Pacific Ocean and of the World
PBSmappingPBS Mapping: Draw Maps and Implement Other GIS Procedures
PBSprintSpecify Whether to Print Summaries
placeHolesPlace Holes Under Solids
plotLinesPlot a PolySet as Polylines
plotMapPlot a PolySet as a Map
plotPointsPlot EventData/PolyData as Points
plotPolysPlot a PolySet as Polygons
PolyDataPolyData Objects
PolySetPolySet Objects
printPrint PBS Mapping Objects
pythagorasData: Pythagoras' Theorem Diagram PolySet
refocusWorldRefocus the 'worldLL'/'worldLLhigh' Data Sets
RGB2RYBConvert RGB to RYB and RYB to RGB
rotatePolysRotate Polygons and Events
summarySummarize PBS Mapping Objects
surveyDataData: Tow Information from Pacific Ocean Perch Survey
thickenPolysThicken a PolySet of Polygons
thinPolysThin a PolySet of Polygons
towDataData: Tow Information from Longspine Thornyhead Survey
towTracksData: Tow Track Polylines from Longspine Thornyhead Survey
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