PBSmapping: PBS Mapping: Draw Maps and Implement Other GIS Procedures

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This software has evolved from fisheries research conducted at the Pacific Biological Station (PBS) in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. It extends the R language to include two-dimensional plotting features similar to those commonly available in a Geographic Information System (GIS). Embedded C code speeds algorithms from computational geometry, such as finding polygons that contain specified point events or converting between longitude-latitude and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) coordinates. It includes data for a global shoreline and other data sets in the public domain.

For a complete user's guide, see the file PBSmapping-UG.pdf in the R directory .../library/PBSmapping/doc.

PBSmapping includes 10 demos that appear as figures in the User's Guide. To see them, run the function .PBSfigs().

More generally, a user can view all demos available from locally installed packages with the function runDemos() in our related (and recommended) package PBSmodelling.


Nicholas M. Boers, Associate Professor – Computer Science
MacEwan University, Edmonton AB
Last modified Rd: 2008-09-03

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