Man pages for PKreport
A reporting pipeline for checking population pharmacokinetic model assumption

non.coi-methodsOutput coi file
non.cor-methodsOutput cor file
non.cov-methodsOutput cov file
non.lst.meth-methodsoutput method in lst file
non.lst-methodsOutput lst content
non.lst.objs-methodsOutput objective function standard deviation in lst file
non.lst.objt-methodsOutput objective function in lst file
non.lst.objv-methodsOutput objective function value in lst file
non.lst.term-methodsoutput analysis section in lst file
nonmem-classClass nonmem: contain and describe all nonmem output
non.phi-methodsOutput phi file selected lines in lst files tab content in tab file
pdataA sample data
PKadjustUpdate figures
PKcleanClean related archives
PKcodeGenerate R scripts
PKconfigData configuration
PKdataData input
PKfigureDiagnose model and generate figures
PKnumOutput numerical value
PKoutputOutput all results to folders and files
PKreport.1Exploratory data analysis
PKreport.2Individual plots
PKreport.3Goodness-of-fit plots
PKreport.4Structural model diagnostics
PKreport.5Residual model diagnostics
PKreport.6Parameters diagnostics
PKreport.7Covariate model diagnostics
PKreport.8Random effects diagnostics
PKreport-packageAn automatically pipeline for population pharmacokinetic...
PKshowDisplay results
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