PSAboot: Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis

Bootstrapping for propensity score analysis and matching.

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AuthorJason Bryer <>
Date of publication2016-12-05 18:28:46
MaintainerJason Bryer <>

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Man pages Convert the results of PSAboot summary to a data frame.

balance: Returns a summary of the balance for all bootstrap samples.

balance.matching: Returns balance for each covariate from propensity score...

boot.ctree: Stratification using classification trees for bootstrapping.

boot.matching: Matching package implementation for bootstrapping.

boot.matchit: MatchIt package implementation for bootstrapping.

boot.rpart: Stratification using classification trees for bootstrapping.

boot.strata: Stratification implementation for bootstrapping.

boxplot.PSAboot: Boxplot of PSA boostrap results.

boxplot.PSAboot.balance: Boxplot of the balance statistics for bootstrapped samples.

getPSAbootMethods: Returns a vector with the default methods used by 'PSAboot'.

hist.PSAboot: Histogram of PSA bootstrap results

matrixplot: Matrix Plot of Boostrapped Propensity Score Analysis

pisalux: Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) results...

pisa.psa.cols: Character vector representing the list of covariates used for...

pisausa: Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) results...

plot.PSAboot: Plot the results of PSAboot

plot.PSAboot.balance: Plot method for balance.

print.PSAboot: Print results of PSAboot

print.PSAboot.balance: Print method for balance.

print.PSAbootSummary: Print method for PSAboot Summary.

PSAboot: Bootstraping for propensity score analysis

PSAboot-package: Bootstrapping for Propensity Score Analysis

psa.strata: Propensity Score Analysis using Stratification

q25: Return the 25th percentile.

q75: Returns the 75th percentile.

summary.PSAboot: Summary of pooled results from PSAboot

Functions Man page
balance Man page
balance.matching Man page
boot.ctree Man page
boot.matching Man page
boot.matchit Man page
boot.rpart Man page
boot.strata Man page
boxplot.PSAboot Man page
boxplot.PSAboot.balance Man page
getPSAbootMethods Man page
hist.PSAboot Man page
matrixplot Man page
pisalux Man page
pisa.psa.cols Man page
pisausa Man page
plot.PSAboot Man page
plot.PSAboot.balance Man page
print.PSAboot Man page
print.PSAboot.balance Man page
print.PSAbootSummary Man page
PSAboot Man page
PSAboot-package Man page
psa.strata Man page
q25 Man page
q75 Man page
summary.PSAboot Man page

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