PSM-package: Population Stochastic Modelling

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Mixed-effects models using Stochastic Differential Equations

This package provides functions for estimation and simulation of multivariate linear and non-linear mixed-effects models using stochastic differential equations. The package allows for multidimensional input, specification of dosage regimen and is able to return smoothed estimates of model states.


Function overview:

Estimate population parameters for any linear or non-linear model.

Optimal estimates of model states based on estimated parameters.

Simulate data for multiple individuals.

Plot data, state estimates ect. for multiple individuals.

Creates a template with R-syntax to help setup a model in PSM.


For further details please also read the package vignette pdf-document by writing vignette("PSM") in R.


Stig B. Mortensen and S<f8>ren Klim

Maintainer: S<f8>ren Klim <>


Stig B. Mortensen, S<f8>ren Klim, Bernd Dammann, Niels R. Kristensen, Henrik Madsen, Rune V. Overgaard. A matlab framework for estimation of NLME models using stochastic differential equations: Application for estimation of insulin secretion rates. J Pharmacokinet Pharmacodyn (2007) 34:623-642.


See Also

PSM.estimate, PSM.smooth, PSM.simulate, PSM.plot, PSM.template

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