Man pages for PerMallows
Permutations and Mallows Distributions

composeCompose permutations
count.permsCount permutations at a distance
cycle2strFriendly display the cycles
cycles2permGet the permutation given the cycles
data.apaSample of permutations APA
data.orderSample of permutations
decomp2permGet a permutation consistent with a decomposition vector
dgmmCalculate the probability of a permutation in a GMM
distanceCompute the distance between permutations
dmmCalculate the probability of a permutation in a MM
expectation.gmmCompute the expected distance, GMM under the Hamming distance
expectation.mmCompute the expected distance, MM under the Hamming distance
freq.matrixCompute the frequency matrix
generate.aux.filesGenerates the files for Ulam
identity.permutationGenerate identity the permutation
insertInsert operator
inverse.permGenerate inverse permutation
inversionInversion operator
is.permutationCheck if its argument is a permutation
lgmmLearn a Generalized Mallows Model
lgmm.thetaMLE for theta - Generalized Mallows Model
lmmLearn a Mallows Model
lmm.thetaMLE for theta - Mallows Model
marginalCompute the marginal probability, GMM under the Hamming...
maxi.distGet the maximum value of the distance ebtween permutations
order.ratingsConvert rating to permutation
perm2cyclesDecompose a permutation in a set of cycles
perm2decompGet the decomposition vector
perm.sample.medSample of permutations
perm.sample.smallSample of permutations
permutations.ofGenerate every permutation of perm.length item
rdistGenerate a collection of permutations at a given distance
read.permsRead a text file with a collection of permtuations
rgmmSample a Generalized Mallows Model
rmmSample a Mallows Model
runif.permutationRandom permutation
swapSwap two items of a permutation
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