Man pages for Perc
Using Percolation and Conductance to Find Information Flow Certainty in a Direct Network

as.conflictmatconvert to a matrix of 'conf.mat' class
bradleyTerryComputes the MLE for the BT model using an MM algorithm
bt.testSystemic test for the assumptions of the Bradley-Terry model
conductancecompute win-loss probabilities
countPathscount paths between all pairs
dyadicLongConverterdyadic long format converter
findAllPathsIdentifies all paths between all pairs of less than or equal...
findIDpathsfind all paths of a certain length for an individual
getAllCostsAssociate each costs with its corresponding simulated...
getAllRankOrderassign IDs to all best rank orders
getBestRankOrderassign IDs to the best rank order
getSimOutputget useful outputs from simulated annealing processes
individualDomProbindividual-level probability converter
plotConfmatgenerate heat map for a matrix
plotProbDiagnosisDiagnosis Plot 'plotProbDiagnosis' generate heat map for...
sampleEdgelistsampleEdgelist. social interactions among 11 monkeys
sampleRawMatrixsampleRawMatrix. dominance interactions between 39 monkeys
sampleWeightedEdgelistsampleWeightedEdgelist. dominance interactions among 29...
simRankOrderFind rank order using simulated annealing
transitivitycalculate transitivity measurements for a matrix
valueConverterwin-loss probability matrix value converter
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