Man pages for PheCAP
High-Throughput Phenotyping with EHR using a Common Automated Pipeline

ehr_dataA Synthetic EHR Dataset
PhecapDataDefine or Read Datasets for Phenotyping
phecap_generate_dictionary_fileGenerate a Dictionary File for Note Parsing
PheCAP-packageHigh-Throughput Phenotyping with EHR using a Common Automated...
phecap_perform_majority_votingPerform Majority Voting on the CUIs from Multiple Knowledge...
phecap_plot_roc_curvesPlot ROC and Related Curves for Phenotyping Models
phecap_predict_phenotypePredict Phenotype
phecap_run_feature_extractionRun Surrogate-Assisted Feature Extraction (SAFE)
PhecapSurrogateDefine a Surrogate Variable used in Surrogate-Assisted...
phecap_train_phenotyping_modelTrain Phenotyping Model using the Training Labels
phecap_validate_phenotyping_modelValidate the Phenotyping Model using the Validation Labels
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