Man pages for PogromcyDanych
PogromcyDanych / DataCrunchers is the Masive Online Open Course that Brings R and Statistics to the People

auta2012Offer Prices of Second-hand Cars in 2012
diagnozaA Subset of Polish Social Diagnosis Data
galtonGalton's and Pearson's Height Data for Parents and Children
imiona_warszawaNames of Infants Born in Warsaw
koty_ptakiThe Fastest Cats and Birds in the World
mandatySejmik2014Local Government Elections in Poland 2014
PogromcyDanych-packagePogromcyDanych / DataCrunchers is the Masive Online Open...
serialeIMDBAssessment of Episodes of TV series
setNamesChange Column Names / Datasets Names to Polish or English
skiJumpsSki Jumps Results season 2013/2014
TCGA_BRCASelected Variables from BReast CAncer Patients of The Cancer...
WIGWarszawski Indeks Gieldowy (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index)
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