Man pages for PolyPatEx
Paternity Exclusion in Autopolyploid Species

convertToPhenotConvert a genotype allele dataset to a phenotype dataset
fixCSVTidy a comma separated value (CSV) file
foreignAllelesIdentify foreign alleles
FR_GenotypeExample genotype allele dataset
genotPPESimple paternity exclusion for genotype allele data
GF_PhenotypeExample phenotype allele dataset
inputDataRead in, check and preprocess the allele dataset
multilocusTypesGenotype summaries
phenotPPESimple paternity exclusion for phenotype allele data
PolyPatEx-packagePolyploid paternity exclusion by allele matching.
potentialFatherCountsCount potential fathers
potentialFatherIDsIdentify potential fathers
preprocessDataCheck and preprocess an allele dataset
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