Man pages for PolynomF
Polynomials in R

as.character.polynomCoerce polynomial object to character
as.function.polynomCoerce polynom or polylist objects to function.
change.originShift oritin
c.polylistUtility methods for manipulating polylist objects
GCDGCD and LCM or two or more polynomials
integralIntegral and differential calculus on polynomials or lists of...
Math.polynomS3 Group Generic Functions for Polynomial and Polylist...
plot.polynomGraphical display of polynomial objects
poly.calcFunctions to generate polynomials in several standard ways
polynomConstructor, coercion, predicate and print functions for...
PolynomF-internalInternal PolynomF objects
PolynomF-packagePolynomials in R
solve.polynomFind roots of polynomial equations
summary.polynomSummary, coefficient and prediction methos for polynomial...
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