Man pages for PwrGSD
Power in a Group Sequential Design

Ch01-PwrGSDCalculate Power in a Group Sequential Design
Ch02-LanDemetsThe Lan-Demets method of Boundary Construction
Ch03-ObrienFlemingThe O'Brien-Fleming Alpha Spending Function
Ch04-PowThe Wang-Tsiatis Power Alpha Spending Function
Ch05-PocockThe Pocock Alpha Spending Function
Ch06-SCThe Stochastic Curtailment method of Boundary Construction
Ch07-HaybittleThe Haybittle method of Boundary Construction
Ch08-cpd.PwrGSDCreate a skeleton compound PwrGSD object
Ch09-PowerExtract the Power results
Ch0A-as.boundariesConvert a "PwrGSD" object to a "boundaries" object
Ch0B-ElementsCreate a subset of a "cpd.PwrGSD" object
Ch0C-plot.cpd.PwrGSDPlot Method for cpd.PwrGSD objects
Ch0D-GrpSeqBndsComputes efficacy and futility boundaries
Ch0E-CondPowerConditional type I and type II error probabilities given...
Ch0F-SimGSBVerifies the results of "GrpSeqBnds" via simulation
Ch10-wtdlogrankWeighted log-rank test
Ch11-IntSurvDiffWeighted Integrated Survival function test
Ch12-agghazAggregated Hazard
Ch13-mysurvfitMy Survfit
Ch14-mystackStack a dataset
Ch15-CDFOR2LRRConvert CDF Odds Ratio to Logged Relative Risks
Ch16-CY2TOShazCalender year rates to Study Year Rates
Ch17-CRRtoRRCumulative-risk ratios to risk ratios
Ch18-RCM2RRRelative cumulative mortality to Relative Risk
Ch19-RR2RCMRelative risk to Relative Cumulative Mortality
Ch1A-lookupLookup values for a piecewise constant function
Ch1B-lungMayo Clinic Lung Cancer Data
Ch1C-DXA utility function for forming differences
Ch1D-psteThe paste operator
Ch1E-SCtoBdryConverts a stochastic curtailment boundary (conditional type...
Ch1F-gsddensA function for computing the probability density for the...
Ch20-EX1gXKA function for computing the bias adjusted point estimate for...
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