HC: Time-Difference

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This data set was used by Hino (2009), to demonstrate the Time-Difference QCA.




A data frame containing 15 cases (countries) and the following 5 columns:

FOREIGN Percentage of foreign population.
UNEMP Percentage of unemployed population.
CONV Party system convergence.
PRES80 Presence of extreme-right parties in 1980s.
VOTE Outcome, vote share of extreme-right parties.


For all columns in the data, a value of 1 means a positive difference between 1990 and 1980, and a value of 0 means negative or zero difference, except for the condition CONV, which is the inverse of the condition DIVERT in the raw data. The condition PRES80 does not have a time difference, it represents a simple presence / absence of extreme-right parties in the 1980s.


Hiro, A. (2009) “Time-Series QCA. Studying Temporal Change through Boolean Analysis”. Sociological Theory and Methods, vol.24, no.2, pp.247-265.

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