Man pages for QCA3
Yet Another Package for Qualitative Comparative Analysis

boolIntersectBoolean intersection
CarenPanofskyHypothetical data set about TQCA.
CoDThe consolidation of Democracy.
coincidProduces a coincidence matrix
consistGapConsistency gaps between configurations
coverageCoverage and consistency.
directCalibrationCalibration in fuzzy set QCA.
fsnotThe not opertor for a fuzzy set score.
fsplotFuzzy set plot.
GiugniYamasaki2009The Policy Impact of Social Movements
Hino2009Example data of Time-series QCA.
HuangGui2009data about on-line forum and homeowners' collective...
implicantsToDFConversion of implicants to a Data Frame representation
KatzHauMahoneyThe "great reversal" data set.
McCammonVanDykeSocial movement coalition
QCA.NotationNotations used in QCA3 package
remainderReduceRemainder configurations.
setOUTReset the outcome of configurations in a truthTable
StokkeEffectiveness of international regimes for resource...
suffnecProduces a sufficiency and necessity matrix
Yamasaki2009Movement Impact on Nuclear Energy Policy.
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