Man pages for QCGWAS
Quality Control of Genome Wide Association Study results

calc_kurtosisSkewness and Kurtosis
check_PChecking GWAS p-values
convert_impstatusConvert imputation-status values to the QCGWAS standard
create_hapmap_referenceCreate an allele-reference file from HapMap data
filter_GWASAutomated filtering and reformatting of GWAS results files
gwa_sampleSample dataset for the QCGWAS package
header_translationsTranslation table for GWAS dataset headers
HQ_filterSelect high-quality data in GWAS datasets
identify_columnIdentify non-standard column names
intensity_plotGenerates an intensity plot from x, y datasets
load_GWASEasy loading of GWAS results files
match_allelesCheck and correct alleles in GWAS result files
plot_distributionGWAS effect-Size distribution plot
plot_precisionGWAS Precision Plot
plot_regionalRegional Association Plot
plot_skewnessGWAS Skewness vs. Kurtosis Plot
QC_GWASAutomated Quality Control of GWAS Results files
QCGWAS-packageQuality Control of Genome Wide Association Study results
QC_histogramHistogram(s) of expected and observed data distribution
QC_plotsQQ and Manhattan plots
QQ_plotQQ plot(s) of expected vs. reported p-values
save_logLog entries for QC_GWAS
switch_strandConvert alleles to the opposing DNA strand
translate_headerTranslate column names into standard names
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