Man pages for R2G2
Converting R CRAN outputs into Google Earth.

Axis2GEAdding a custom Y-axis in Google Earth.
curvycurvy - internal function to compute spherical coordinates of...
Dots2GEAutomated placement of observations, as dots, in Google Earth
FancyPiesComputes the edges of any regular n-sided figure in spherical...
GetEdgesComputing the edges of any n-sided regular polygon on a...
grid50Grids partitioning the surface of Earth into n equal areas.
Hist2GEProducing 3D histograms in Google Earth
Overlay2GEAutomated placement of an overlayed image in Google Earth
Phylo2GEProducing 3D Phylogenies in Google Earth
Pies2GEProducing 3D pie-charts in Google Earth
Plots2GEGeoreferencing custom R plots into Google Earth
PolyLines2GEProducing 2D / 3D lines / polygons in Google Earth
R2G2-packageConverting R CRAN outputs into Google Earth.
Shapes2GEProducing 3D regular polygons in Google Earth
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