R2G2-package: Converting R CRAN outputs into Google Earth.

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This package includes a set of functions for producing basic and complex representations into Google Earth, via KML files.


Package: R2G2
Type: Package
Version: 1.0-1
Date: 2012-10-02
License: LGPL
LazyLoad: yes

Basic features: functions to overlay R CRAN plots, dots, lines, custom and regular polygons into Google Earth. Complex features: histograms, pie-charts, contour plots and phylogenies into Google Earth.

## End-user functions: Phylo2GE - Producing 3D Phylogenies in Google Earth (requires ape and picante) Hist2GE - Producing 3D histograms in Google Earth Pies2GE - Producing 3D pie-charts in Google Earth PolyLines2GE - Producing 2D / 3D lines / polygons in Google Earth Shapes2GE - Producing 3D regular polygons in Google Earth Plots2GE - Georeferencing custom R plots into Google Earth Dots2GE - Automated placement of observations, as dots, in Google Earth Axis2GE - Automated placement of a Y-axis in Google Earth Overlay2GE - Automated placement of an overlayed image in Google Earth

## Internal functions: curvy - Compute spherical coordinates of points along an arc GetEdges - Compute the edges of any n-sided regular polygon on a sphere FancyPies - Compute the edges of any regular n-sided figure in spherical coordinates and adds a pie chart within it


Nils Arrigo, [email protected] 2012 EEB, the University of Arizona, Tucson

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