R2wd: Write MS-Word documents from R

This package uses either the statconnDCOM server (via the rcom package) or the RDCOMClient to communicate with MS-Word via the COM interface.

AuthorChristian Ritter
Date of publication2012-03-16 17:14:55
MaintainerChristian Ritter <R2wd@ridaco.be>

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R2wd-package: Write MS-Word documents from R.

wdApplyTemplate: Apply a word template.

wdApplyTheme: Apply a word template.

wdBody: Write in body text.

wdConvert: Unit conversion (inches, points, cm)

wdEnumerate: Start a numbered list

wdEqn: Write formulas in Word

wdGet: Gets a handle to Word (using RDCOMClient).

wdGetProperty: Get a property from Word.

wdGoToBookmark: Navigate to a bookmark in the active Word document.

wdHeading: Add text in Heading style.

wdInsertBookmark: Insert a Bookmark.

wdInsertFootnote: Insert a Footnote

wdItemize: Start a bullet list

wdNewDoc: Start a new document (when Word is running).

wdNormal: Type text in Normal style.

wdPageBreak: Insert a page break.

wdPageSetup: Modify page setup in Word.

wdParagraph: Insert a paragraph break.

wdPlot: create an R plot and paste it into word.

wdQuit: Close Word and remove the handle.

wdSave: Save the active document.

wdSection: Start a new section of the document.

wdSectionBreak: Insert a section break.

wdSelection: Get handle to current Selection in Word Application.

wdSetFont: Set font in Word.

wdSetProperty: Set a property in Word.

wdStyleSetup: Modify document style

wdSubsection: Start a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.

wdSubsubsection: Start a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.

wdTable: Write a dataframe or an array as a Word table.

wdTitle: Add text in title style.

wdType: write text to word

wdUndo: Save the active document.

wdVerbatim: write verbatim text to word (for example model output).

wdWrite: Write text to word.


R2wd Man page
R2wd-package Man page
wdApplyTemplate Man page
wdApplyTheme Man page
wdBody Man page
wdConvert Man page
wdEnumerate Man page
wdEqn Man page
wdGet Man page
wdGetProperty Man page
wdGoToBookmark Man page
wdHeading Man page
wdInsertBookmark Man page
wdInsertFootnote Man page
wdItemize Man page
wdNewDoc Man page
wdNormal Man page
wdPageBreak Man page
wdPageSetup Man page
wdParagraph Man page
wdPlot Man page
wdQuit Man page
wdSave Man page
wdSection Man page
wdSectionBreak Man page
wdSelection Man page
wdSetFont Man page
wdSetProperty Man page
wdStyleSetup Man page
wdSubsection Man page
wdSubsubsection Man page
wdTable Man page
wdTitle Man page
wdType Man page
wdUndo Man page
wdVerbatim Man page
wdWrite Man page


R2wd/R/wdWrite.R R2wd/R/wdVerbatim.R R2wd/R/wdUndo.R R2wd/R/wdType.R R2wd/R/wdTitle.R R2wd/R/wdTable.R R2wd/R/wdSubsubsection.R R2wd/R/wdSubsection.R R2wd/R/wdStyleSetup.R R2wd/R/wdSetProperty.R R2wd/R/wdSetFont.R R2wd/R/wdSelection.R R2wd/R/wdSectionBreak.R R2wd/R/wdSection.R R2wd/R/wdSave.R R2wd/R/wdQuit.R R2wd/R/wdPlot.R R2wd/R/wdParagraph.R R2wd/R/wdPageSetup.R R2wd/R/wdPageBreak.R R2wd/R/wdNormal.R R2wd/R/wdNewDoc.R R2wd/R/wdItemize.R R2wd/R/wdInsertFootnote.R R2wd/R/wdInsertBookmark.R R2wd/R/wdHeading.R R2wd/R/wdGoToBookmark.R R2wd/R/wdGetProperty.R R2wd/R/wdGet.R R2wd/R/wdEqn.R R2wd/R/wdEnumerate.R R2wd/R/wdConvert.R R2wd/R/wdBody.R R2wd/R/wdApplyTheme.R R2wd/R/wdApplyTemplate.R
R2wd/man/wdWrite.Rd R2wd/man/wdVerbatim.Rd R2wd/man/wdUndo.Rd R2wd/man/wdType.Rd R2wd/man/wdTitle.Rd R2wd/man/wdTable.Rd R2wd/man/wdSubsubsection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSubsection.Rd R2wd/man/wdStyleSetup.Rd R2wd/man/wdSetProperty.Rd R2wd/man/wdSetFont.Rd R2wd/man/wdSelection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSectionBreak.Rd R2wd/man/wdSection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSave.Rd R2wd/man/wdQuit.Rd R2wd/man/wdPlot.Rd R2wd/man/wdParagraph.Rd R2wd/man/wdPageSetup.Rd R2wd/man/wdPageBreak.Rd R2wd/man/wdNormal.Rd R2wd/man/wdNewDoc.Rd R2wd/man/wdItemize.Rd R2wd/man/wdInsertFootnote.Rd R2wd/man/wdInsertBookmark.Rd R2wd/man/wdHeading.Rd R2wd/man/wdGoToBookmark.Rd R2wd/man/wdGetProperty.Rd R2wd/man/wdGet.Rd R2wd/man/wdEqn.Rd R2wd/man/wdEnumerate.Rd R2wd/man/wdConvert.Rd R2wd/man/wdBody.Rd R2wd/man/wdApplyTheme.Rd R2wd/man/wdApplyTemplate.Rd R2wd/man/R2wd-package.Rd

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