R2wd: Write MS-Word documents from R

This package uses either the statconnDCOM server (via the rcom package) or the RDCOMClient to communicate with MS-Word via the COM interface.

AuthorChristian Ritter
Date of publication2012-03-16 17:14:55
MaintainerChristian Ritter <R2wd@ridaco.be>

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Man pages

R2wd-package: Write MS-Word documents from R.

wdApplyTemplate: Apply a word template.

wdApplyTheme: Apply a word template.

wdBody: Write in body text.

wdConvert: Unit conversion (inches, points, cm)

wdEnumerate: Start a numbered list

wdEqn: Write formulas in Word

wdGet: Gets a handle to Word (using RDCOMClient).

wdGetProperty: Get a property from Word.

wdGoToBookmark: Navigate to a bookmark in the active Word document.

wdHeading: Add text in Heading style.

wdInsertBookmark: Insert a Bookmark.

wdInsertFootnote: Insert a Footnote

wdItemize: Start a bullet list

wdNewDoc: Start a new document (when Word is running).

wdNormal: Type text in Normal style.

wdPageBreak: Insert a page break.

wdPageSetup: Modify page setup in Word.

wdParagraph: Insert a paragraph break.

wdPlot: create an R plot and paste it into word.

wdQuit: Close Word and remove the handle.

wdSave: Save the active document.

wdSection: Start a new section of the document.

wdSectionBreak: Insert a section break.

wdSelection: Get handle to current Selection in Word Application.

wdSetFont: Set font in Word.

wdSetProperty: Set a property in Word.

wdStyleSetup: Modify document style

wdSubsection: Start a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.

wdSubsubsection: Start a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.

wdTable: Write a dataframe or an array as a Word table.

wdTitle: Add text in title style.

wdType: write text to word

wdUndo: Save the active document.

wdVerbatim: write verbatim text to word (for example model output).

wdWrite: Write text to word.

Files in this package

R2wd/R/wdWrite.R R2wd/R/wdVerbatim.R R2wd/R/wdUndo.R R2wd/R/wdType.R R2wd/R/wdTitle.R R2wd/R/wdTable.R R2wd/R/wdSubsubsection.R R2wd/R/wdSubsection.R R2wd/R/wdStyleSetup.R R2wd/R/wdSetProperty.R R2wd/R/wdSetFont.R R2wd/R/wdSelection.R R2wd/R/wdSectionBreak.R R2wd/R/wdSection.R R2wd/R/wdSave.R R2wd/R/wdQuit.R R2wd/R/wdPlot.R R2wd/R/wdParagraph.R R2wd/R/wdPageSetup.R R2wd/R/wdPageBreak.R R2wd/R/wdNormal.R R2wd/R/wdNewDoc.R R2wd/R/wdItemize.R R2wd/R/wdInsertFootnote.R R2wd/R/wdInsertBookmark.R R2wd/R/wdHeading.R R2wd/R/wdGoToBookmark.R R2wd/R/wdGetProperty.R R2wd/R/wdGet.R R2wd/R/wdEqn.R R2wd/R/wdEnumerate.R R2wd/R/wdConvert.R R2wd/R/wdBody.R R2wd/R/wdApplyTheme.R R2wd/R/wdApplyTemplate.R
R2wd/man/wdWrite.Rd R2wd/man/wdVerbatim.Rd R2wd/man/wdUndo.Rd R2wd/man/wdType.Rd R2wd/man/wdTitle.Rd R2wd/man/wdTable.Rd R2wd/man/wdSubsubsection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSubsection.Rd R2wd/man/wdStyleSetup.Rd R2wd/man/wdSetProperty.Rd R2wd/man/wdSetFont.Rd R2wd/man/wdSelection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSectionBreak.Rd R2wd/man/wdSection.Rd R2wd/man/wdSave.Rd R2wd/man/wdQuit.Rd R2wd/man/wdPlot.Rd R2wd/man/wdParagraph.Rd R2wd/man/wdPageSetup.Rd R2wd/man/wdPageBreak.Rd R2wd/man/wdNormal.Rd R2wd/man/wdNewDoc.Rd R2wd/man/wdItemize.Rd R2wd/man/wdInsertFootnote.Rd R2wd/man/wdInsertBookmark.Rd R2wd/man/wdHeading.Rd R2wd/man/wdGoToBookmark.Rd R2wd/man/wdGetProperty.Rd R2wd/man/wdGet.Rd R2wd/man/wdEqn.Rd R2wd/man/wdEnumerate.Rd R2wd/man/wdConvert.Rd R2wd/man/wdBody.Rd R2wd/man/wdApplyTheme.Rd R2wd/man/wdApplyTemplate.Rd R2wd/man/R2wd-package.Rd

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