Man pages for R2wd
Write MS-Word documents from R

R2wd-packageWrite MS-Word documents from R.
wdApplyTemplateApply a word template.
wdApplyThemeApply a word template.
wdBodyWrite in body text.
wdConvertUnit conversion (inches, points, cm)
wdEnumerateStart a numbered list
wdEqnWrite formulas in Word
wdGetGets a handle to Word (using RDCOMClient).
wdGetPropertyGet a property from Word.
wdGoToBookmarkNavigate to a bookmark in the active Word document.
wdHeadingAdd text in Heading style.
wdInsertBookmarkInsert a Bookmark.
wdInsertFootnoteInsert a Footnote
wdItemizeStart a bullet list
wdNewDocStart a new document (when Word is running).
wdNormalType text in Normal style.
wdPageBreakInsert a page break.
wdPageSetupModify page setup in Word.
wdParagraphInsert a paragraph break.
wdPlotcreate an R plot and paste it into word.
wdQuitClose Word and remove the handle.
wdSaveSave the active document.
wdSectionStart a new section of the document.
wdSectionBreakInsert a section break.
wdSelectionGet handle to current Selection in Word Application.
wdSetFontSet font in Word.
wdSetPropertySet a property in Word.
wdStyleSetupModify document style
wdSubsectionStart a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.
wdSubsubsectionStart a new Word section, add a heading and a bookmark.
wdTableWrite a dataframe or an array as a Word table.
wdTitleAdd text in title style.
wdTypewrite text to word
wdUndoSave the active document.
wdVerbatimwrite verbatim text to word (for example model output).
wdWriteWrite text to word.
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